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Inner Surge  

A project founded by a Canadian by the name of Steve Moore, Inner Surge is an odd band indeed. Repeated listens to Matrika, the groups's second effort (and the first recorded as a band, as the debut Solus Verum was recorded solely by Moore) reveal no easy way to describe what Inner Surge is all about. Stylistically, the band is all over the map, ranging from a choppy metal style to the odd hip-hop stylings of "The Deepest Wound" to a computeristic/industrial vibe on "Silencer" to a Nine Inch Nails keyboaard riff on "Bury The Evidence", alongside straight metal and other influences (punk is often mentioned by others, but to these ears there's nothing resembling punk in the traditional sense here). There are times where Moore's vocals are a dead ringer for Serj Tankian of System Of A Down (SOAD is also an occasional musical soundalike, but only occasionally), though at other times he's a bit more melodic and controlled. Also like SOAD, Moore's lyrics are often political and/or tied to social issues of the day. This is one of the more diverse and interesting albums to emerge in some time -- though it's probably safe that not everyone will like every song, there's literally something for everyone here, and the band manages to do this without losing primary focus. Moore and company could go far with this project.

Current Members

Steve Moore


Scott Taylor


Bryan Sandau


Former Members/Guests

Rob Spencer


Jason Rees


Jim Fernandes



Solus Verum 
  1. A Good Laugh With Death
  2. Driven
  3. BackLash
  4. Only His Name
  5. The Fall
  6. Impact
  7. My Eyes Are Open
  8. The Deepest Wound
  9. Beneficial Fever
  10. Ghost Of The Earth
  11. A Call To Minds
  12. Avalon
  13. Intent
  14. Halls Of Amenti
  15. I Will Not See You Again
  16. Completion
  • Steve Moore

  1. Censored
  2. Backlash
  3. Driven
  4. The Fall
  5. Beneficial Fever
  6. Impact
  7. The Deepest Wound
  8. Our Rights
  9. In Code
  10. A New Program
  11. Silencer
  12. Bury The Evidence
  • Steve Moore
  • Rob Spencer
  • Scott Taylor
  • Jason Rees
  • Bryan Sandau

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Signals Screaming 
  1. AzurA
  2. The Outcome
  3. Flames In Synergy
  4. Branding The Muse
  5. Retribution Song
  6. The Bottom Line
  7. We Were Once
  8. Welcome To The 5th World
  9. Wolves
  10. When the Door Locks
  11. No Profit In The Cure
  • Steve Moore
  • Scott Taylor
  • Jim Fernandes
  • Bryan Sandau

An Offering 
  1. The Monroe Doctrine
  2. The Empire
  3. Maggots & Liars
  4. From the Depths
  5. Stimulus Response
  6. Tamisra
  7. Crossing the Line
  8. Halliburton Piggies
  9. A Great Distance
  10. Tools for the Escape
  11. Light a Fire
  12. Interahamwe
  13. Limb from Limb
  • Steve Moore
  • Scott Taylor
  • Bryan Sandau


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