Origin: Denmark
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Invocator formed in the late 80's and recorded three albums in the early nineties, featuring some skillful riffing atop a progressive/thrash metal base. They seemed to be on the rise, but the time-old issue of musical differences split up the band in 1995 shortly after their third album, Dying To Live. Six years later, founder Jacob Hansen put together a new lineup, and after a 2002 demo, released a comeback album, Through The Flesh To The Soul, in 2003.

Current Members

Jacob Hansen

vocals/guitars (ex-Anubis Gate, ex-Beyond Twilight, Pyramaze)

Flemming C. Lund

guitars (ex-Autumn Leaves)

Carsten Mikkelsen


Jakob Gundel


Former Members/Guests

Jakob Schultz


Perle Hansen


Jesper M. Jensen

bass (ex-Anubis Gate)

Per Jakobsen


Per M. Jensen

drums (ex-Artillery, ex-The Haunted, ex-Konkhra, ex-Nightrage)


Excursion Demise 
1991 Black Mark
  1. Excursion Demise
  2. Forsaken Ones
  3. The Persistence From Memorial Chasm
  4. Absurd Temptation
  5. Schismatic Injective Therapy
  6. Occurence Concealed
  7. Beyond Insufferable Dormancy
  8. Inner Contrarieties
  9. Alterations (Bonus Track)
  • Jacob Hansen
  • Jakob Schultz
  • Jesper M. Jensen
  • Per M. Jensen

Weave The Apocalypse 
1993 Black Mark
  1. Through The Nether To The Sun
  2. From My Skull It Rains
  3. Desert Sands
  4. Condition Critical
  5. Breed Of Sin
  6. Doomed To Be
  7. Lost At Birth
  8. Land Of Misery
  9. The Afterbirth
  10. Weave The Apocalypse
  • Jacob Hansen
  • Perle Hansen
  • Per Jakobsen
  • Per M. Jensen

Early Years (demos) 
1994 Nuclear Blast
  1. Dismal Serfage
  2. Insurrected Despair
  3. Restraint Life
  4. The Scars Remain
  5. Alterations
  6. Occurence Concealed
  7. The Persistence From Memorial Chasm
  8. Pursuit Of A Rising Necessity
  9. The Eternal War
  10. The Promise Of Agony

Dying To Live 
1995 Nuclear Blast
  1. Dying To Live
  2. Kristendom
  3. Shattered Self
  4. King In A World Of Fools
  5. Search
  6. South Of No North
  7. Living Is Ltd.
  8. Astray
  9. For A While
  10. Hole
  • Jacob Hansen
  • Perle Hansen
  • Carsten Mikkelsen
  • Per M. Jensen

Though The Flesh To The Soul 
2003 Scarlet
  1. Intro
  2. Through The Flesh To The Soul
  3. Writhe In Spit
  4. On My Knees
  5. Flick It On
  6. Infatuated I Am (Speak To Me)
  7. There Is No Savior
  8. The Chemistry Of Restlessness
  9. Under The Skin
  10. Fire Cleanses All
  11. Sand Between The Teeth
  • Jacob Hansen
  • Flemming C. Lund
  • Carsten Mikkelsen
  • Per M. Jensen

Alterations From The Past  COMPILATION
2014 Dommentia
  1. Dismal Serfage
  2. Insurrected Despair
  3. Restraint Life
  4. The Scars Remain
  5. Alterations
  6. Occurence Concealed
  7. Persistence from Memorial Chasm
  8. Pursuit of a Rising Necessity
  9. Insurrected Despair
  10. Inner Contrarities
  11. Absurd Temptation
  12. Killing Tendencies
  13. Certain Death
  14. Feast of Blood
  15. Certain Death
  16. Swing of the Axe (Possessed cover)
  17. The Omen
  18. Restraint Life
  19. Necrophiliac (Slayer cover)


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