Origin: Columbus, OH, USA
Genres: Power Metal
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Jacob's Dream  

Jacob's Dream captures the essence and spirit of classic 80's power metal as well as any band, then or now. Put together a vocalist who's two parts Tate and one part Dickenson, flowing guitar harmonies with just the right amount of power, and simple but effective songwriting, and the result is a trip down memory lane. There's nothing remotely contemporary about Jacob's Dream, but 80's metal purists could do far worse than this band, as all the elements that made that period of metal so special are here.

Current Members

Chaz Bond


John Berry


Jon Noble


James Evans


Gary Holtzman


Former Members/Guests

David Taylor


Derek Eddleblute


Rick May


Billy Queen



Jacobs Dream 
2000 Metal Blade
  1. Kinescope
  2. Funambulism
  3. Scape Goat
  4. Mad House of Cain
  5. Take of Fears
  6. Crusade
  7. Black Watch
  8. Love & Sorrow
  9. The Gathering
  10. Never Surrender
  11. The Bleeding Tree
  12. Violent Truth
  • David Taylor
  • John Berry
  • James Evans
  • Rick May
  • Gary Holtzman

Theatre Of War 
2001 Metal Blade
  1. Sanctuary
  2. Theater of War
  3. Traces of Grace
  4. Wisdom
  5. The Warning
  6. Sarah Williams
  7. De Machina Est Deo
  8. Black Souls
  9. Critical Mass
  • David Taylor
  • Derek Eddleblute
  • John Berry
  • James Evans
  • Billy Queen

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Drama Of The Ages 
2005 Metal Blade
  1. Drama Of The Ages
  2. Keeper Of The Crown
  3. Spinning Leaf
  4. Stand Or Fall
  5. Tempest
  6. Third Way
  7. Forever Winter
  8. Drowning Man
  9. Deceiver Of The Nations
  10. Cutting Words
  11. Victory
  12. At The Gates
  • Chaz Bond
  • John Berry
  • Jon Noble
  • James Evans
  • Gary Holtzman

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Dominion Of Darkness 
2008 self-released
  1. Demon World
  2. Can't Break
  3. Curse Of Antikythera
  4. Hands Of Doom
  5. Don't Talk
  6. Hero
  7. Dark Alliance
  8. Embraced By Sorrow
  9. Dissolution Of Purity
  10. Violent Kingdom
  11. Awaken The Man
  12. End Of Days
  13. Mercy Killing
  • Chaz Bond
  • John Berry
  • Jon Noble
  • James Evans
  • Gary Holtzman

Beneath The Shadows 
2009 Retroactive
  1. Welcome To My World
  2. Minds Will Burn
  3. Stain
  4. Illusive Dream
  5. Hand Full Of Dust
  6. The Hell That I Breathe
  7. The Darkest Hour
  8. All My Fears
  9. Reborn In Fire
  10. Beneath The Shadows
  11. The Blessing And The Curse
  • Chaz Bond
  • John Berry
  • Jon Noble
  • James Evans
  • Gary Holtzman


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