Origin: CO, USA
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Jag Panzer  

This Colorado band first came into prominence with the release of their epic Ample Destruction in 1984, simply an all-time classic and regarded as one of the best pure power metal albums of the decade. But the next several years were not kind to the band, as they struggled with lineup changes and direction shifts, recording (but not releasing) the more Queensryche/ Warlord-inspired Chain Of Command in 1988 followed by the more modern-ish Dissident Alliance in 1994. By the late nineties the band was almost forgotten and nearly done, but the Destruction-era lineup reunited and with the 1997 release of The Fourth Judgement, Jag Panzer was back, and better than ever. Since then a string of excellent albums have been released, forever defining the band as one of the stalwarts of classy American power metal. The lost Chain Of Command, too, finally got an official release in 2004. Their final release was Scourge Of The Light, released in early 2011, as they announced their breakup in July, ending a very successful career. As of this writing, vocalist Harry "Tyrant" Conklin is continuing his work in Satan's Host, a band he first fronted back in the 80's.

Current Members

Harry Conklin

vocals (Satan's Host, ex-Titan Force)

Mark Briody


John Tetley


Rikard Stjernquist

drums (ex-Ballistic, Benedictum, Sargon)

Former Members/Guests

Daniel J. Conca

vocals RIP: March 2004

Bob Parduba


Joey Tafolla


Chris Kostka


Chris Broderick

guitars (Act Of Defiance, ex-Megadeth)

Christian Lesague


Rick Hilyard



(EP) Jag Panzer 
1983 Azra
  1. Battlezones
  2. Death Row
  3. Metal Melts the Ice
  4. Iron Shadows
  • Harry Conklin
  • Mark Briody
  • John Tetley
  • Rick Hilyard

Ample Destruction 
1984 Iron Works
  1. Licensed to Kill
  2. Warfare
  3. Symphony of Terror
  4. Harder then Steel
  5. Generally Hostile
  6. The Watching
  7. Reign of the Tyrants
  8. Cardiac Arrest
  9. The Crucifix
  • Harry Conklin
  • Mark Briody
  • Joey Tafolla
  • John Tetley
  • Rick Hilyard

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Dissident Alliance 
1994 Pavement
  1. Jeffrey Behind the Gate
  2. The Clown
  3. Forsaken Child
  4. Edge of Blindness
  5. Eve of Penance
  6. Last Dying Breath
  7. Psycho Next Door
  8. Spirit Suicide
  9. GMV-407
  10. The Church
  11. Whisper God
  • Daniel J. Conca
  • Mark Briody
  • Chris Kostka
  • John Tetley
  • Rikard Stjernquist

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The Fourth Judgement 
1997 Century Media
  1. Black
  2. Call of the Wild
  3. Despair
  4. Future Shock
  5. Recompense
  6. Ready to Strike
  7. Tyranny
  8. Shadow Thief
  9. Sonet of Sorrow
  10. Judgement Day
  • Harry Conklin
  • Mark Briody
  • Joey Tafolla
  • John Tetley
  • Rikard Stjernquist

Age Of Mastery 
1998 Century Media
  1. Iron Eagle
  2. Lustful And Free
  3. Twilight Years
  4. Sworn To Silence
  5. False Messiah
  6. The Age Of Mastery
  7. Viper
  8. Displacement
  9. Chain Of Command
  10. Take this Pain away
  11. Burning Heart
  12. The Moors
  • Harry Conklin
  • Mark Briody
  • Chris Broderick
  • John Tetley
  • Rikard Stjernquist

Thane To The Throne 
2000 Century Media
  1. Thane of Cawdor
  2. King At A Price
  3. Bloody Crime
  4. The Premonitions
  5. Treachery's Stain
  6. Spectres of the Past
  7. Banquo's Final Rest
  8. Three Voices of Fate
  9. Hell To Pay
  10. The Prophecies (Fugue in Dm)
  11. Insanity's Mind
  12. Requiem for Lady MacBeth
  13. Face of Fear
  14. Fall of Dunsinane
  15. Fate's Triumph
  16. The Downward Fall
  17. Tragedy of MacBeth
  • Harry Conklin
  • Mark Briody
  • Chris Broderick
  • John Tetley
  • Rikard Stjernquist

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Mechanized Warfare 
2001 Century Media
  1. Take to the Sky
  2. Frozen in Fear
  3. Unworthy
  4. The Silent
  5. The Scarlet Letter
  6. Choir of Tears
  7. Cold is the Blade (And the Heart that Wields it)
  8. Hidden in My Eyes
  9. Power Surge
  10. All Things Renewed
  • Harry Conklin
  • Mark Briody
  • Chris Broderick
  • John Tetley
  • Rikard Stjernquist

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The Era Of Kings And Conflict 
2002 self-released

Decade Of The Nail Spiked Bat  COMPILATION
2003 Century Media
  1. Reign Of The Tyrants
  2. Eyes Of The Night
  3. The Church
  4. Metal Melts The Ice
  5. Forsaken
  6. Fallen Angel
  7. Battle Zones
  8. Warfare
  9. Tower Of Darkness
  10. Licensed To Kill
  11. Generally Hostile
  12. The Watching
  13. She Waits
  14. Edge Of Blindness
  15. Spirit Suicide
  16. Iron Shadows
  17. Black Sunday
  18. Symphony Of Terror
  19. Death Row
  20. The Crucifix

Chain Of Command 
2004 Century Media
  1. Prelude + Chain Of Command
  2. Shadow Thief
  3. She Waits
  4. Ride Through The Storm
  5. In A Gadda Da Vida
  6. Never Surrender
  7. Burning Heart
  8. Sworn To Silence
  9. Dream Theme
  10. Gavotte IO
  11. When The Walls Come Down (Bonus track)
  • Bob Parduba
  • Mark Briody
  • Christian Lesague
  • John Tetley
  • Rikard Stjernquist

Casting The Stones 
2004 Century Media
  1. Feast Or Famine
  2. The Mission (1943)
  3. Vigilant
  4. Achilles
  5. Tempest
  6. Legion Immortal
  7. Battered & Bruised
  8. Cold
  9. Starlight's Fury
  10. The Hearkening
  11. Precipice
  • Harry Conklin
  • Mark Briody
  • Chris Broderick
  • John Tetley
  • Rikard Stjernquist

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Scourge Of The Light 
2011 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Condemned To Fight
  2. The Setting Of The Sun
  3. Bringing On The End
  4. Call To Arms
  5. Cycles
  6. Overlord
  7. Let It Out
  8. Union
  9. Burn
  10. The Book Of Kells
  • Harry Conklin
  • Mark Briody
  • Christian Lesague
  • John Tetley
  • Rikard Stjernquist

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