Origin: WV, USA
Genres: Stoner Rock, Instrumental
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Karma To Burn  

Some early reports on Karma To Burn stated that the band had "vocalist problems". The truth of the matter is, though the band had experimented with vocalists before (ex-Kyuss frontman John Garcia briefly worked with them), the band is at heart an instrumental band, and in fact their only "official" vocalist, appearing on their debut, was just some guy, recruited purely to satisfy their record label. The vocalist departed soon afterward, and the band reverted to its preferred status as an instrumental trio, as well as re-establishing their convention for naming every song simply as a number, which they have done for most of their career. One might think this would make for some amusing press releases ("Karma To Burn announce three titles from their upcoming album: 'Five', 'Nineteen', and 'Thirty Seven'."). Musically, the band is tough to pigeon-hole -- they are closest to stoner rock, but their instrumental nature and tendency to experiment place them a bit beyond the standards of that genre. That debut brings to mind bands such as Masters Of Reality, Soundgarden, and a touch of Smashing Pumpkins, but their later albums have strayed from that style a bit, again mostly due to the lack of vocals. The band unofficially disbanded sometime in mid 2002, and then reunited in early 2009.

Current Members

William Mecum


Rich Mullins


Rob Halkett


Evan Devine


Former Members/Guests

Jason Jarosz


Daniel Davies


Nathan Limbaugh


Rob Oswald

drums (Nebula)


Karma To Burn 
1997 Roadrunner
  1. Ma Petite Mort
  2. Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi - I'm Not God
  3. Patty Hearst's Closet Mantra
  4. Mr. Penetrator
  5. Eight
  6. Appalachian Woman
  7. Twenty Four Hours
  8. Six-Gun Sucker Punch
  9. Thirteen
  10. (Waltz Of The) Playboy Pallbearers
  11. Twin Sisters And Half A Bottle Of Bourbon
  12. Six
  • Jason Jarosz
  • William Mecum
  • Rich Mullins
  • Nathan Limbaugh

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Wild, Wonderful Purgatory 
1999 Roadrunner
  1. Twenty
  2. Twenty Eight
  3. Thirty
  4. Thirty One
  5. Twenty Nine
  6. Thirty Two
  7. Twenty Five
  8. Twenty Six
  9. One
  10. Three
  11. Seven
  12. Eight
  • William Mecum
  • Rich Mullins
  • Rob Oswald

Almost Heathen 
2001 Spitfire
  1. Nineteen
  2. Thirty Eight
  3. Thirty Four
  4. Thirty Seven
  5. Thirty Nine
  6. Thirty Six
  7. Thirty Three
  8. Thirty Five
  9. Five
  10. Forty
  • William Mecum
  • Rich Mullins
  • Rob Oswald

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Live 2009 - Reunion Tour 
2009 Nuclear Blast

Live In London And Chasing The Dragon  LIVE
  • William Mecum
  • Rich Mullins
  • Rob Oswald

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Appalachian Incantation 
2010 Napalm
  1. 44
  2. 42
  3. 41
  4. 46
  5. Waiting On The Western World
  6. 43
  7. 45
  8. 24
  9. Two Times
  • William Mecum
  • Rich Mullins
  • Rob Oswald

2011 Napalm
  1. Forty Seven
  2. Fiffty
  3. Forty Eight
  4. The Cynics
  5. Forty Nine
  6. Fifty One
  7. Jimmy D
  8. Never Say Die
  • Daniel Davies
  • William Mecum
  • Rich Mullins
  • Rob Oswald

(EP) Karma To Burn 
2013 Heavy Psych
  1. Fifty Three
  2. Fifty Four
  3. Space Tune
  4. Forty One
  5. Forty Two
  6. Forty Seven
  • William Mecum
  • Rich Mullins
  • Evan Devine

Live In Brussel  LIVE

Arch Stanton 
2014 Faba
  1. Fifty Seven
  2. Fifty Six
  3. Fifty Three
  4. Fifty Four
  5. Fifty Five
  6. Twenty Three
  7. Fifty Eight
  8. Fifty Nine
  • William Mecum
  • Rob Halkett
  • Evan Devine


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