Origin: Indonesia
Genres: Christian Metal, Eclectic Metal
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Black metal bands aren't uncommon. But Indonesian black metal bands are uncommon, and Christian black metal band are uncommon, and thus Indonesian Christian black metal bands are quite uncommon indeed. Kekal is just such a band, and then some, as black metal only begins to describe their style. True, their earlier efforts were relatively standard black metal albums, with some similarities to Cradle Of Filth (particularly in the vocal department), interesting at times though a bit samey. On 1000 Thoughts Of Darkness, however, the band goes for broke, displaying a wide range of influences (both within the extreme metal world and well outside it) and a broad, diverse songwriting style that is difficult to describe but a pleasure to listen to. Far from a novelty act from a normally un-metallic country, Kekal has blossomed into an intriguing progressive black/extreme metal band, well worth a listen for those into inventive extreme metal.

Current Members

Jeff Arwadi


Leo Setiawan


Azhar Sianturi


Former Members/Guests



Newin Atmarumeksa


Didi Priyadi



Beyond The Glimpse Of Dreams 
1998 THT
  1. Rotting Youth
  2. Armageddon
  3. Spirits
  4. Deceived Minds
  5. The Conversion
  6. Behind Those Images
  7. Reality
  8. Escaping Eternal Suffering
  9. A Day The Hatred Dies
  10. My Eternal Lover
  • Harry
  • Jeff Arwadi
  • Leo Setiawan
  • Azhar Sianturi

Embrace The Dead 
1999 THT
  1. Longing For Truth
  2. Embrace The Dead
  3. The Fearless and The Dedicated
  4. Source of Existence
  5. Healing
  6. The Final Call
  7. From Within
  8. Scripture Before Struggle
  9. Millenium
  10. Given Words
  • Jeff Arwadi
  • Leo Setiawan
  • Azhar Sianturi

The Painful Experience 
2001 THT
  1. The Monsters Within
  2. Crave for Solid Ground
  3. Mean Attraction
  4. Like There's No Other Way to Go
  5. Behind Closed Doors
  6. After The Storm
  7. Given Words
  8. Militia Christi
  9. The Painful Experience
  10. Via Dolorosa
  11. Like There's No Other Way to Remix
  • Jeff Arwadi
  • Leo Setiawan
  • Azhar Sianturi

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1000 Thoughts Of Darkness 
2003 Fear Dark
  1. Subsession / Once Again It Failed
  2. Vox Diaboli
  3. In Continuum
  4. Paradigma Baru
  5. Artifacts of Modern Insanity
  6. Violent Society
  7. Subsession II
  8. Default
  9. Beyond Numerical Reasons
  • Jeff Arwadi
  • Azhar Sianturi

Kekal Live In Europe 

2005 Fear Dark
  • Newin Atmarumeksa
  • Jeff Arwadi
  • Leo Setiawan
  • Didi Priyadi
  • Azhar Sianturi

Reviews:   Lords Of Metal 

Road Trip To Acidity 2005 

The Habit Of Fire 
  1. Prelude: Worldhate Chronicle
  2. The Gathering of Ants
  3. Isolated I
  4. Manipulator Generals (Part I of Dictatorship)
  5. Our Urban Industry Runs Monotonously
  6. To Whom It May Concern
  7. Free Association
  8. Historicity and State of Mind (Part II of Dictatorship)
  9. Postlude: Saat Kemarau
  10. A Real Life to Fear About
  11. Escapism
  • Jeff Arwadi
  • Leo Setiawan
  • Azhar Sianturi

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

Audible Minority 
  1. The Vampire Song
  2. Conditional Destiny
  3. Against
  4. Ceasefire Negative
  5. Between Us
  6. For The Greater Good and Evil
  7. Narrow Avenue
  8. Virtue of Perseverance
  9. Shuffling Biorhythms
  10. All That Matters
  11. Locust
  • Jeff Arwadi

  1. Track One
  2. Gestalt Principles of Matter Perception
  3. A Linear Passage
  4. Tabula Rasa
  5. Private School of Thought
  6. The Regulars
  7. Departure Gate 8
  8. Heartache Memorial
  9. Let Us Blend
  10. Open World
  11. End Unit of The Universe

Reviews:   Lords Of Metal 

(EP) Futuride 
  1. Futuride
  2. C/2010 X1
  3. EOP1
  4. EOP2
  5. EOP3
  • Jeff Arwadi

  1. Rare Earth Elements
  2. Pandora's Empty Box
  3. Go Ahead and Feel the Pain
  4. Disposable Man
  5. Swings of All Moods
  6. Indonesanity
  7. Futuride
  8. Playground
  9. iComa
  10. Space Between Spaces
  11. Learning to Love the Future
  • Jeff Arwadi
  • Leo Setiawan
  • Azhar Sianturi

(EP) Unsung Division 
  1. Dividend in Division
  2. The Other Side of Division
  3. Aku Menggila
  4. For the Sake of Just in Case
  5. The God Particle
  • Jeff Arwadi
  • Leo Setiawan
  • Azhar Sianturi


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