Origin: Cleveland, OH, USA
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Keelhaul is one of those bands that's just a bit different, for reasons that are hard to put one's finger on, and so naturally a description of their sound is no easy task. They're kind of a "semi-instrumental" band (many songs are instrumental, and even among some that aren't, the vocals (hardcore-ish, to an extent) are secondary), they're really heavy, and have kind of a mean, angry feel, that comes across even without vocals. The riffs are angular, cutting, and aggressive, but also just a shade off the beaten path. The songs aren't terribly complex, but they're not simple toe-tappers either, and while at times they seem to bash about mindlessly, there's quite a bit of shade and variety in the songs. Again, a hard band to really grasp, but a very intriguing listen.

Current Members

Chris Smith


Dana Embrose


Aaron Dallison


Will Scharf



1998 Cambodia
  1. Tuco
  2. 3x3 Eyes
  3. Cleanser
  4. Khmir
  5. Corrugated Blacklung
  6. Fuimus
  7. Unleaded
  8. Enervate
  9. Leveling Mechanism
  10. ESP
  • Chris Smith
  • Dana Embrose
  • Aaron Dallison
  • Will Scharf

Reviews:   Chronicles Of Chaos 

Keelhaul II 
2002 Hydra Head
  1. 360
  2. Some Day Some Other Place
  3. New Void
  4. Unwound
  5. Practicing
  6. 39F
  7. Lackadaisical Chinese Tubesocks
  8. LWM
  • Chris Smith
  • Dana Embrose
  • Aaron Dallison
  • Will Scharf

Subject To Change Without Notice 
2003 Hydra Head
  1. The Gooch
  2. Cruel Shoes
  3. Driver's Bread
  4. Carl vs. The 10,000lb Shadow
  5. Shackleton
  6. HMG
  7. Tits of War
  8. Answer the Chicken
  9. Mash the Sandwich
  10. Randall
  11. Two Twinkies Deep
  12. Burlinolinol
  • Chris Smith
  • Dana Embrose
  • Aaron Dallison
  • Will Scharf

Triumphant Return To Obscurity 
2009 Hydra Head
  1. Pass the Lampshade
  2. Glorious Car Activities
  3. Everything's a Napkin
  4. High Seas Viking Eulogy
  5. THC for one
  6. The Subtle Sound of an Empty Milkshake
  7. El Matador
  8. Kirby Wurm
  9. Bandolero de Perros De Maiz
  10. Waiting for the Moon to Speak
  11. Brady's Lament
  12. KFB
  • Chris Smith
  • Dana Embrose
  • Aaron Dallison
  • Will Scharf


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