Origin: Toronto, ON, Canada
Genres: Hard Rock

Killer Dwarfs  

Known as much for their memorable name as their music (the band was christened by their management in the early days of the group, noting that the guys simply weren't very tall), Killer Dwarfs were one of Canada's better known hard rock bands in the eighties. Along with the band name, they all adopted Dwarf as their last name on stage (a la the Ramones), and after two smaller-label albums in 1983 and 1986 (the latter, Stand Tall, might be their best album), they signed to Epic Records for a trio of albums between 1988 and 1992. The band enjoyed considerable success in their homeland and modest success elsewhere during their major-label run, but the changing hard rock climate led to their being dropped by Epic, and the band broke up soon afterward. They reunited in 2001 for a show in their home town of Toronto, which was released as the Reunion Of Scribes album. Nothing fancy here, the band played typical rock anthems that embodied 80's mainstream hard rock.

Current Members

Russ Graham


Mike Hall


Ronald Mayer


Darrell Millar


Former Members/Guests

Bryce Trewin


Gerry Finn


Angelo Fodero



Killer Dwarfs 
1983 Attic
  1. Are You Ready
  2. Can't Lose
  3. Drifter
  4. Prisoner
  5. Heavy Mental Breakdown
  6. Read Between The Lines
  7. Gotta Lose To Win
  8. Outlaw of a Modern Man
  9. Time To Move On
  10. Fire In Your Eyes
  • Russ Graham
  • Bryce Trewin
  • Angelo Fodero
  • Darrell Millar

Stand Tall 
1986 Maze
  1. Stand Tall (Stick To Your Guns)
  2. Human Survival
  3. Up To You And Me
  4. Borderline
  5. Through Animal Eyes
  6. Keep The Spirit Alive
  7. Believe In Me
  8. Do Or Die
  9. Out In The Streets
  10. Bite The Hand That Feeds
  • Russ Graham
  • Mike Hall
  • Ronald Mayer
  • Darrell Millar

Big Deal 
1988 Epic
  1. Tell Me Please
  2. We Stand Alone
  3. Startin' To Shine
  4. Breakaway
  5. Union Of Pride
  6. Lifetime
  7. Power
  8. I'm Alive
  9. Burn It Down
  10. Desperados
  • Russ Graham
  • Mike Hall
  • Ronald Mayer
  • Darrell Millar

Dirty Weapons 
1990 Epic
  1. Dirty Weapons
  2. Nothin' Gets Nothin'
  3. All That We Dream
  4. Doesn't Matter
  5. Last Laugh
  6. Comin' Through
  7. One Way Out
  8. Appeal
  9. Not Foolin'
  10. Want It Bad
  • Russ Graham
  • Mike Hall
  • Ronald Mayer
  • Darrell Millar

Method To The Madness 
1992 Epic
  1. Hard Luck Town
  2. Just As Well
  3. Driftin' Back
  4. All My Heroes
  5. Stranger Than Fiction
  6. Four Seasons
  7. Method To The Madness
  8. Give And Take
  9. Look Around
  10. G. T. Y. (Goodbye To Yesterday)
  11. Cowboys And Conmen
  12. Doesn't Matter
  • Russ Graham
  • Gerry Finn
  • Ronald Mayer
  • Darrell Millar

Reunion Of Scribes - Live 2001 
2001 Bullseye
  1. Dirty Weapons
  2. Stand Tall
  3. I'm Alive
  4. Believe In Me
  5. Startin' To Shine, Last Laugh
  6. All That We Dream
  7. Doesn't Matter
  8. Hard Luck Town
  9. Nothin' Gets Nothin'
  10. Union Of Pride
  11. Keep The Spirit Alive
  12. Comin' Through
  • Russ Graham
  • Mike Hall
  • Ronald Mayer
  • Darrell Millar


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