Origin: Turku, Finland
Genres: Doom Metal
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Lord Vicar  

Lord Vicar pairs Kimi Kärki (formerly of Reverend Bizarre) and Chritus (one-time St. Vitus frontman, and perhaps best known for his work in Count Raven), and if naming those three bands don't give you a hint about where this band is headed, nothing will. This is classic underground doom in the Hell's Headbangers Records tradition, heavily steeped in old Sabbath riffs and played with the sort of class one would expect given their past bands' work. Reverend Bizarre was one of the best Finnish bands playing this style, and Lord Vicar continues that tradition in fine fashion.

Current Members

Christian Linderson

vocals (ex-Count Raven, Goatess, ex-St. Vitus, ex-Terra Firma)

Kimi Kärki

guitars (ex-Reverend Bizarre)

Jussi Myllykoski


Gareth Millsted

drums (Centurions Ghost, ex-End Of Level Boss)

Former Members/Guests

Jim Hunter

bass (October 31, ex-Revelation, Twisted Tower Dire, While Heaven Wept)


(EP) The Demon Of Freedom 
2008 I Hate
  1. Hiiumaa
  2. Becoming One with the Spirit of the Forest
  3. Running into a Burning House
  • Christian Linderson
  • Kimi Kärki
  • Jim Hunter
  • Gareth Millsted

Fear No Pain 
  1. Down the Nails
  2. Pillars Under Water
  3. Born of a Jackal
  4. The Last of the Templars
  5. The Spartan
  6. A Man Called Horse
  7. The Funeral Pyre
  • Christian Linderson
  • Kimi Kärki
  • Jussi Myllykoski
  • Gareth Millsted

Signs Of Osiris 
  1. Sign of Osiris Slain
  2. The Answer
  3. Child Witness
  4. Between the Blue Temple and the North Tower
  5. Sinking City
  6. Endless November
  7. Sign of Osiris Risen
  • Christian Linderson
  • Kimi Kärki
  • Jussi Myllykoski
  • Gareth Millsted

Gates Of Flesh 
  1. Birth of Wine
  2. The Green Man
  3. A Shadow of Myself
  4. Breaking the Circle
  5. Accidents
  6. A Woman Out of Snow
  7. Leper, Leper
  • Christian Linderson
  • Kimi Kärki
  • Gareth Millsted


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