Origin: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Genres: 80's Metal
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Featuring the much-vaunted "triple axe attack", Leatherwolf garnered a fair following in their 80's career, releasing three albums (confusingly, the first two were both self-titled though completely different) before disbanding around 1990 or so. Their music was typical 80's hard rock/metal, going for a mainstream/radio sound, competant for its time though a bit dated nowadays. In the late 90's the band reunited, eventually releasing the live album Wide Open in 1999. Since then the membership gradually mutated, with the lineup featured on World Asylum including three original members alongside a pair of new guys, both of which have impressive metal pedigrees. Since then, a mostly original lineup has returned to form.

Current Members

Mike Olivieri


Greg Erba


Rob Math


Pat Guyton

bass (Haunt Of Jackals)

Dean Roberts


Former Members/Guests

Wade Black

vocals (ex-Crimson Glory, ex-Leash Law, ex-Seven Witches)

Geoff Gayer

guitars (Haunt Of Jackals)

Carey Howe

guitars (Haunt Of Jackals)

Eric Halpern

guitars (Distant Thunder, ex-Destiny's End)

Matt Hurich


Paul Carman


Pete Perez

bass (ex-Riot, Spastic Ink)


1984 Tropical
  1. Spiter
  2. Endangered Species
  3. Tonight's the Night
  4. The Hook
  5. Season of the Witch
  6. Off the Track
  7. Kill and Kill Again
  8. Vagrant
  9. Leatherwolf
  • Mike Olivieri
  • Geoff Gayer
  • Carey Howe
  • Matt Hurich
  • Dean Roberts

1987 Island
  1. Rise or Fall
  2. The Calling
  3. Share a Dream
  4. Cry Out
  5. Gypsies and Thieves
  6. Bad Moon Rising
  7. Princess of Love
  8. Magical Eyes
  9. Rule the Night
  • Mike Olivieri
  • Geoff Gayer
  • Carey Howe
  • Matt Hurich
  • Dean Roberts

Street Ready 
1989 Island
  1. Wicked Ways
  2. Street Ready
  3. Hideaway
  4. Take a Chance
  5. Black Knight
  6. Thunder
  7. The Way I Feel
  8. Too Much
  9. Lonely Road
  10. Spirits in the Wind
  • Mike Olivieri
  • Geoff Gayer
  • Carey Howe
  • Paul Carman
  • Dean Roberts

Wide Open  LIVE
  1. Spiter
  2. Endangered Species
  3. Gypsies and Thieves
  4. Street Ready
  5. Spirits in the Wind
  6. Tools of Discipline
  7. Season of the Witch
  8. Off the Track
  9. Hideaway
  10. Wicked Ways
  11. Thunder
  12. Kill and Kill Again
  13. The Calling
  14. Break on Through
  15. Too Much
  • Mike Olivieri
  • Geoff Gayer
  • Carey Howe
  • Paul Carman
  • Dean Roberts

World Asylum 
  1. I Am The Law
  2. King Of The Ward
  3. Behind The Gun
  4. Live Or Die
  5. Disconnect
  6. Dr. Wicked (Rx O.D.)
  7. Institutions
  8. Derailed
  9. The Grail
  10. Never Again
  • Wade Black
  • Geoff Gayer
  • Eric Halpern
  • Pete Perez
  • Dean Roberts

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Unchained Live  LIVE
2013 self-released
  1. Spiter
  2. Kill and Kill Again
  3. The Calling
  4. Rise or Fall
  5. Dr. Wicked (Rx O.D.)
  6. Wicked Ways
  7. Hideaway
  8. Street Ready
  9. Thunder
  10. Black Knight (Studio Bonus)
  • Mike Olivieri
  • Greg Erba
  • Rob Math
  • Pat Guyton
  • Dean Roberts

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