Origin: Rochester, NY, USA
Genres: Progressive Metal


Lethargy is perhaps the most frenzied, insanely technical band I've heard since the very early days of Watchtower -- among more recent bands, only The Dillinger Escape Plan (more hardcore-based, and even more chaotic) is in the same ballpark. Every song on It's Hard To Write With A Little Hand contains a dizzying array of ever-changing riffs and tempo changes. The vocals are kind of a death/hardcore hybrid, though in this band they take a back seat to the music. One of the most musically intense bands to emerge in quite awhile.

With the release of Discography '93-'99, which includes the album along with various demos/singles/assorted tracks, the book has been closed on this brilliant band. Bill Kelliher and Brann Dailor are now in Mastodon.

Current Members

Erik Burke

lead guitar/vocals (Brutal Truth, ex-Nuclear Assault, Sulaco)

Bill Kelliher

guitars (Mastodon, ex-Today Is The Day)

Adam Routier


Brann Dailor

drums (Mastodon, ex-Today Is The Day)


It's Hard To Write With A Little Hand 
1996 Endless
  1. Careborne
  2. Humor Me
  3. Create
  4. Spill
  5. Erased
  6. Medley
  7. Spineless
  8. Thread
  9. Among
  10. Humorless
1996 BNR Top Ten album

Reviews:   Chronicles Of Chaos 

Discography '93-'99 
2000 Spoth
  1. Subtle
  2. Stitch
  3. Little Man
  4. Image Tool
  5. Grope
  6. Careborne
  7. Humor Me
  8. Create
  9. Spill
  10. Erased
  11. Medley
  12. Spineless
  13. Thread
  14. Among
  15. Humorless
  16. Intro/Lost In This Existence
  17. The Entombment
  18. Among The Dead I Lie
  19. This Persistent Unknown
  20. Grieve Into Eyes That Bleed
  21. Intro/Tainted
  22. Sane
  23. Soil
  24. All Things End
  25. Distraught
  26. Humor Me
  27. Create
  28. A Moment Away
  29. Breathing You
  30. Thread
  31. "Jabba"
  32. Lost In This Existence--Unplugged


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