Origin: Sweden
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Loch Vostok  

Loch Vostok was formed by former Mayadome drummer Teddy Möller after the demise of that band, initially bringing over two other Mayadome players (one of which later dropped out), with Möller himself switching to guitarist/vocalist in the new group. Mayadome was firmly rooted in the progressive metal camp, and so is Loch Vostok, albeit with a slightly darker style at times. Möller possesses a fine voice, but thankfully doesn't go overboard with vocal histrionics, his clear voice (and the rare, but effectual, growl) complementing the music rather than dominating it. In general the pace is a bit less frenetic than the show-off prog metal bands out there, these guys a little less inclined to overplay, though their musicianship is clearly quite solid indeed. Dark Logic is a satisfying progressive metal release, with a generally familiar sound yet not really cloning any particular band, and is a recommended listen.

Current Members

Teddy Möller

guitars/vocals (F.K.U., ex-Mayadome)

Niklas Kupper


Jimmy Mattsson


Fredrik Klingvall


Lawrence Dinamarca

drums (Carnal Forge)

Former Members/Guests

Mano Lewys


Tomas Jonsson


Sebastian Okupski

keyboards (ex-Mayadome)

Alvaro Torres



Dark Logic 
  1. Admire And Resent
  2. Impressions
  3. Blunt Force Trauma
  4. Falling Star
  5. Naked
  6. Nothingness
  7. The Method
  8. Marrow
  9. The Forsaken One
  10. Narcosis
  • Teddy Möller
  • Niklas Kupper
  • Tomas Jonsson
  • Sebastian Okupski
  • Alvaro Torres

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Destruction Time Again 
2006 Escapi
  1. Humanitix
  2. Rebound
  3. Jonestown Slumber Party
  4. Xerox Nation
  5. Autumn Lord
  6. Destruction Time Again
  7. Symbiosis
  8. Falself
  9. Talk
  10. True Deceiver
  11. Gestalt
  • Teddy Möller
  • Niklas Kupper
  • Tomas Jonsson
  • Fredrik Klingvall
  • Alvaro Torres

Reveal No Secrets 
2009 Nightmare
  1. Loss Of Liberty
  2. Energy Taboo
  3. Dig Deeper
  4. Uncompassion
  5. Thirty Years
  6. Raiders Of The Lost Heart
  7. Blindfolds Off
  8. What Once Was
  9. Breakthru
  • Teddy Möller
  • Niklas Kupper
  • Tomas Jonsson
  • Fredrik Klingvall
  • Alvaro Torres

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2011 ViciSolum
  1. A Mission Undivine
  2. Repeat Offender
  3. World Trade Dissenter
  4. Sacred Structure
  5. Navigator
  6. In The Wake Of Humanity
  7. Viral Strain
  8. Disconnection
  9. Taste The Flame
  10. Absence
  11. Dystopium
  • Teddy Möller
  • Mano Lewys
  • Tomas Jonsson
  • Fredrik Klingvall
  • Lawrence Dinamarca

V - The Doctrine Decoded 
2012 ViciSolum
  1. Seeker
  2. A Tale of Two Kings
  3. Syndrome of Self
  4. Citizen Cain
  5. Twilight of the Dogs
  6. Inflict Chaos
  7. Regicide
  8. Claime the Throne
  9. Ravenous
  10. Common Ground
  11. Beyond the Obvious
  • Teddy Möller
  • Niklas Kupper
  • Jimmy Mattsson
  • Fredrik Klingvall
  • Lawrence Dinamarca

From These Waters 
2015 ViciSolum
  1. Like Poison to the Stars
  2. I Implode
  3. From These Waters
  4. Fighting Fire with Blood
  5. Lost in Transmutance
  6. Dead Sea Trolls
  7. And the Storm Spread Its Wings
  8. Sentiment
  9. Me Forgotten
  10. They Brought the Dark
  • Teddy Möller
  • Niklas Kupper
  • Jimmy Mattsson
  • Fredrik Klingvall
  • Lawrence Dinamarca


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