Origin: Poland
Genres: Black Metal

Lux Occulta  

Lux Occulta is one of the most unique black metal bands to emerge in some time, and is the clear BNR favorite among Polish metal bands. They formed in late 1994 and have released four albums and an EP, with the last two, My Guardian Anger and The Mother And The Enemy, being simply outstanding. Guardian is the more focused, a veritable frenzy of technical black metal, most notable for some brilliant keyboard and drum work. This is one of the most original black metal albums to be released in several years. By contrast, Mother, released two years later in 2001, is the more experimental, featuring several tracks that harness the energy of the previous album, but also containing songs that branch out in bizarre directions, such as the odd but ultra-cool Portishead-styled trip-hop of "Midnight Crisis" and "Yet Another Armageddon", and the industrial death march of "Gambit". Again, an outstanding album, albeit so diverse as to possibly confuse fans expecting a more straighforward album. Clearly this was a band not afraid to try something different, always a commendable trait. As late as 2007 a revised lineup was still hoping to get it together, but they are presumed disbanded now.

Current Members

Jaroslaw Szubrycht


U. Reck (Jerzy Glod)


Former Members/Guests

Peter (Piotr Szczurek)


G'Ames (Grzegorz Kaplon)




Marcin Rygiel

bass (Decapitated)



Kriss (Kryzystof Szantula)



Forever Alone Immortal 
1996 Pagan
  1. The Kingdom Is Mine (i saw the beginning)
  2. Homodeus (throne of fire)
  3. Sweetest Stench of the Dead (the battlefield)
  4. The Third Eye (illuminatio)
  5. Apokathastasis (out of chaos)
  6. Bitter Taste of Victory
  • Jaroslaw Szubrycht
  • Peter
  • G'Ames
  • Jackie
  • U. Reck
  • Aemil

1997 Pagan
  1. The Birth of The Race
  2. Blessed Be The Rain
  3. Chalice of Lunar Blood
  4. Nocturnal Dithyramb
  5. Ecstasy & Terror
  6. Upwards To Conquer Heaven
  • Jaroslaw Szubrycht
  • Peter
  • G'Ames
  • Jackie
  • U. Reck
  • Kriss

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(EP) Major Arcana 
1998 Pagan
  1. Love (Garden of Aphrodite)
  2. Heart of the Devil
  3. When Horned Souls Awake
  4. Burn
  5. Creation
  6. Love
  7. War
  8. Passing Away
  9. The Path
  • Jaroslaw Szubrycht
  • Peter
  • G'Ames
  • Jackie
  • U. Reck
  • Kriss

My Guardian Anger 
1999 Pagan
  1. The Heresiarh
  2. Kiss My Sword
  3. Triangle
  4. The Opening of Eleventh Sephirah
  5. Nude Sophia
  6. Cube
  7. Library On Fire
  8. Mane-Tekel-Fares
  • Jaroslaw Szubrycht
  • Peter
  • Marcin Rygiel
  • U. Reck
  • Kriss
1999 BNR Top Ten album

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The Mother And The Enemy 
2001 Maquiavel
  1. Breathe In
  2. Mother Pandora
  3. Architecture
  4. Most Arrogant Life Form
  5. Yet Another Armageddon
  6. Gambit
  7. Midnight Crisis
  8. Pied Piper
  9. Missa Solemnis
  10. Breathe Out
  • Jaroslaw Szubrycht
  • Peter
  • Marcin Rygiel
  • U. Reck
  • Kriss
2001 BNR Top Ten album

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2014 self-released


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