Origin: Germany
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Masters Of Disguise  

There's an interesting back story for this band. Savage Grace was a prototypical Los Angeles indie metal band of the 80's, releasing a couple of reasonably well-received power/speed metal albums before inevitably fading away. Around 2009, sole founding member Chris Logue did some gigs with several hired guns, and some time after that, most if not all of those hired guns formed Masters Of Disguise, named after the 1985 Savage Grace album. Presumably Logue (who's not featured here) is ok with all of this, else the band might be sued for plagiarism or copyright infringement, what with naming an album The Savage And The Grace and liberally applying SG's logo and imagery. So, Masters Of Disguise is not a cover band, it's not a tribute band, and it's not really Savage Grace Mk II, though that last description might be the closest. The band themselves state they aren't copying SG, but they "fill the musical gap Savage Grace have left". Naturally, the music here harkens back to 80's speed metal, updated with modern production values. For retro 80's indie metal, these guys definitely fit the bill.

Current Members

Alexx Stahl


Kalli Coldsmith


Wolfgang Buchinger


Mario Lang


Jens Gellner


Former Members/Guests

Roger Dequis


Andreas Neuderth

drums (Manilla Road)


(EP) Knutson's Return 
  1. For Now and All Times (Knutson's Return)
  2. Alliance
  3. Into the Fire (Savage Grace cover)
  • Alexx Stahl
  • Roger Dequis
  • Kalli Coldsmith
  • Mario Lang
  • Andreas Neuderth

Back With A Vengeance 
2013 Limb
  1. Back with a Vengeance
  2. Never Surrender
  3. The Omen
  4. For Now and All Time (Knutson’s Return)
  5. Scepters of Deceit (Savage Grace cover)
  6. Alliance
  7. Sons of the Doomed
  8. Liar
  9. Into the Unknown
  10. The Templars' Gold
  • Alexx Stahl
  • Roger Dequis
  • Kalli Coldsmith
  • Mario Lang
  • Andreas Neuderth

The Savage And The Grace 
2015 Limb
  1. Judgement Day
  2. The Enforcer
  3. Conquering the World
  4. Knutson II: (Only a Mother's) Love Is Forever
  5. Heavens Fall
  6. New Horizons
  7. Sins of the Damned (Savage Grace cover)
  8. The Scavenger's Daughter
  9. Barbarians at the Gate
  10. War of the Gods (Part I)
  11. Hammerhead (Flotsam & Jetsam cover)
  • Alexx Stahl
  • Kalli Coldsmith
  • Mario Lang
  • Jens Gellner


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