Origin: England
Genres: Thrash Metal
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M-Pire Of Evil  

This trio originally comprised three former members of the mighty Venom, in the form of original guitarist Mantas, bassist/vocalist Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan (who replaced Cronos in Venom for a spell), and Cronos' brother Antton on drums. The band came together around 2010 and chose the name Prime Evil (naturally, a Venom album title) as their band name, but later had to change it to avoid confusion with another band by the name. And so M-Pire Of Evil they became, debuting with an EP of mostly covers before a proper full-length, Hell To The Holy, in 2012. Comparisons to Venom here are natural and unavoidable. Though not a direct clone of either new or old Venom (though, obviously, if any band has the right to clone Venom, it would be these guys), there are plenty of similarities, the style here often going for the older style (minus the Satanic overtones) with some modern thrash touches. The production is raw and rough, befitting the vibe they're going for. There's not as much variance as one might like, and as a result the songwriting is sometimes samey (Venom, one could argue, often didn't get credit for their surprising diversity and skill in songwriting). Still, this is a pretty solid effort and could do well with old Venom fans. Antton left in May of 2012 to focus on other priorities.

Current Members

Tony Dolan

bass/vocals (Atomkraft, ex-Venom)

Mantas (Jeff Dunn)

guitars (ex-Venom)

JXN (Marc Jackson)

drums (ex-Throwdown)

Former Members/Guests

Antton (Antony Lant)

drums (ex-Venom)


(EP) Creatures Of The Black 
2011 Scarlet
  1. Exciter (Judas Priest cover)
  2. Motörhead (Motörhead cover)
  3. Reptile
  4. God of Thunder (KISS cover)
  5. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be (AC/DC cover)
  6. Creatures of the Black
  • Tony Dolan
  • Mantas
  • Antton

Hell To The Holy 
2012 Scarlet
  1. Hellspawn
  2. Metal Messiah
  3. Waking Up Dead
  4. Hell to the Holy
  5. Snake Pit
  6. All Hail
  7. Devil
  8. Shockwave
  9. The 8th Gate
  10. M-pire (Prelude)
  • Tony Dolan
  • Mantas
  • Antton


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