Origin: Prague, Czech Republic
Genres: Black Metal

Master's Hammer  

Another of those bizarre Czech bands (see also Forgotten Silence, Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy, and Love History), the Master's Hammer story dates back to their formation in the mid-eighties, eventually recording three albums, the latter two of which are reviewed here. The Jilemnice Occultist, released in 1992, is a very unique take on eclectic black metal, with a majestic midpaced style punctuated by the effective use of kettle drums, and mostly throaty black vocals, though the occasional use of some Therion-esque clean vocals add to the epic feel. One of the more unusual black metal albums ever recorded (really more of an eclectic metal band with black metal influences, instead of the other way around), it's a strange listen, and perhaps not very immediate, but definitely a worthwhile addition to any leftfield metal fan's collection. Slagry, on the other hand, is almost an entirely different affair. Reduced to a studio duo, the album consists mostly of synth noodlings in a variety of styles, most of which are completely non-metal (a few snippets might remind one of a parade march, as one example), along with a few interesting ideas (a strange version of "Sabre Dance", a cover of a Chuck Berry tune (!), and a song or two that are close to Jilemnice outtakes). Either this was recorded for contractual obligations, or was simply the product of a lot of odd experimentation, but in either case it's not a great listen. The band broke up soon after that effort, but the original lineup reformed and released Mantras in late 2009.

Current Members

Franta Storm


Necrocock (Tomás Kohout)


Monster (Tomás Vendl)


Vlasta Voral


Jan Kapák

drums (Judas Iscariot)

Silenthell (Honza Přibyl)


Former Members/Guests

Mirek Valenta



1990 Monitor,/Osm
  1. Intro
  2. Bad Modly
  3. Kazdy Z NaS ...!
  4. Ritual
  5. Geniove
  6. Cerna Svatozar
  7. Becny Nasrat
  8. Jama Pekel
  9. Japalili JsmeOnen Svet
  10. Bykoupeni
  11. Utok
  • Franta Storm
  • Necrocock
  • Monster
  • Vlasta Voral
  • Mirek Valenta
  • Silenthell

The Jilemnice Occultist 
1992 Osmose
  1. Overture
  2. Amoung The Hills A Winding Way
  3. I Don't Want, Sirs To Pester
  4. A Dark Forest Spreads All Around
  5. Ten Dvanacterak Zmizel V Housti...
  6. Muj Hejtmane...
  7. By The Misery Of Fate I'm Haunted
  8. Ach Pane Vzacny...
  9. Everything That Just On My Whim
  10. Glory Herr, Hauptman
  11. Sucharda's Home
  • Franta Storm
  • Necrocock
  • Monster
  • Vlasta Voral
  • Mirek Valenta
  • Silenthell

1995 Kron-H
  1. Savlovy tanec
  2. Ach synku, synku
  3. Půjdem spolu do Betléma
  4. Indiánská píseň hrůzy
  5. Carl Czerny Op.
  6. Rock'n'Roll Music
  7. Vzpomínám na zlaté časy
  8. Nabucco
  9. Hlava modernistova
  • Franta Storm
  • Vlasta Voral

2009 self-released
  1. Typograf
  2. Domanín
  3. Až Já Budu V Hrobe Hníti...
  4. Certi
  5. Bodhi
  6. Cervené Blato
  7. Tympan
  8. Vrana
  9. Propesko
  10. Fantasie
  11. Ganesha Mantra
  12. Jáma Pekel
  13. Epitaf
  • Franta Storm
  • Necrocock
  • Monster
  • Vlasta Voral
  • Silenthell

Vracejte Konve Na Misto 
2012 self-released
  1. Nordfrostkrampfland
  2. Šumava
  3. Ve Víchru Nicoty
  4. Námornická
  5. Podejte Mi Samopal
  6. Dreaming Bulldog (Intermezzo)
  7. Vracejte Konve na Místo
  8. Lovecraft
  9. Flammarion
  10. Lingam A Mikve
  11. Pantheismus Dobra
  12. Flammarion Fatal Mix
  • Franta Storm
  • Necrocock
  • Jan Kapák

  1. Kovový chrám
  2. Hej, certe chlupatej
  3. Cernej andel
  4. Blek metl
  5. Rychlejší než Satan
  6. Hodokvas
  7. Hymna cerné krve
  8. Jáma pekel
  9. Šánecto
  10. Lucifer
  11. Signum Diabolis
  12. Za smlouvou pekelnou
  13. Zapálili jsme onen svet
  14. The Mass
  15. Vzývání úterní
  16. Cerná svatozár
  17. Intro
  18. Duše nesmrtelných
  19. Vzývání úterní
  20. Jáma pekel
  21. Lucifer
  22. Za smlouvou pekelnou
  23. Privítej smrt
  24. Šánecto
  25. Intro
  26. Zapálili jsme onen svet
  27. Signum Diabolis
  28. Cerná svatozár
  29. Skryté síly
  30. Vecný návrat
  31. The Mass
  32. Vykoupení
  33. Kolem kotle
  34. Intro
  35. Pád modly
  36. Každý z nás...
  37. Géniové
  38. Hnijící ráj
  39. Útok
  40. Predehra
  41. Mezi kopci cesta je klikatá...
  42. Já nechci mnoho trápiti...
  43. Ten dvanácterák...
  44. Muj hejtmane...
  45. Litografické kalendáre
  46. Já mizérií osudu...
  47. Že vše jen podle mého...
  48. Mediální kresby
  49. Sucharduv dum (bonus)


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