Origin: Chicago, IL, USA


Cult figures in the Chicago metal scene for a number of years, Macabre is an odd little band, self-described "murder metallists" with a style that's actually pretty unique. They combine death metal, clean thrash, meaty metal riffs, and an odd penchant for nursery rhyme sing-song choruses, and their musicianship (at least on the recent Murder Metal release) is surprisingly tight. Lyrically, their infatuation on serial killers and their antics is over-the-top to the point of ridiculousness -- clearly not to be taken seriously, though they do make for the occasional humorous read. It's tempting to toss them into the joke band bin, but they've got a good thing going and Murder Metal is actually an entertaining album. Recently they've put out an album or two under the title Macabre Minstrels, featuring acoustic versions of their songs.

Current Members

Corporate Death (Lance Lencioni)


Nefarious (Charles Lescewicz)


Dennis The Menace (Dennis Ritchie)



(EP) Grim Reality 
1987 Decomposed
  1. Serial Killer
  2. Mr. Albert Fish (Was children you favorite dish?)
  3. Mass Murderer a. Sulfuric Acid b. Morbid Curiosity c. Lethal Injection
  4. Son of Sam
  5. Hot Rods to Hell
  6. Ed Gein
  • Corporate Death
  • Nefarious
  • Dennis The Menace

1989 Vinyl Solution
  1. Embalmer
  2. Trampled to Death
  3. Holidays of Horror
  4. Fritz Haarman the Butcher
  5. Evil Ole Soul
  6. Harvey Glatman (Your Soul Will Forever Rot)
  7. McMassacre (James Humberty)
  8. David Brom Took an Axe
  9. Cremator
  10. Nostradamus
  11. I Need to Kill
  12. Ultra Violent
  13. Rat Man
  14. Hey Laurie Dann
  15. Patrick Purdy Killed Five and Wounded Thirty
  16. Exhumer
  17. Dr. Holmes (He Stripped Their Bones)
  18. The Green River Murderer (He's Still Out There)
  19. Funeral Home
  20. Disease
  21. Natural Disaster
  • Corporate Death
  • Nefarious
  • Dennis The Menace

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Sinister Slaughter 
1993 Nuclear Blast
  1. Night Stalker / Richard Ramirez
  2. The Ted Bundy Song / Ted Bundy
  3. Sniper In The Sky / Charles Whitman
  4. Montreal Massacre / Mark Lupine
  5. Zodiac / Identity Unknown
  6. What The Hell Did You Do? / James Edward Pough
  7. The Boston Strangler / Albert DeSalvo
  8. Mary Bell
  9. Mary Bell (Reprise)
  10. Killing Spree (Postal Killer) / Patrick Sherril
  11. Is It Soup Yet? / Daniel Rakowitz
  12. White Hen Decapitator / Michael Bethke
  13. Howard Unrah (What Have You Done Now?!) / Howard Unrah
  14. Gacy's Lot / John Wayne Gacy
  15. There Was A Young Man Who Blew Up A Plane / Jack Gilbert Graham
  16. Vampire Of Dusseldorf / Peter Kurtin
  17. Shotgun Peterson / Christopher Peterson
  18. Whats That Smell? / Jeffery Dahmer
  19. Edmond Kemper Had A Horrible Temper / Edmond Kemper
  20. What The Heck Richard Speck (Eight Nurses You Wrecked) / Richard Speck
  21. Albert Was Worse Than Any Fish In The Sea / Albert Fish
  • Corporate Death
  • Nefarious
  • Dennis The Menace

(EP) Behind The Wall Of Sleep 
1994 Nuclear Blast
  1. Fishtales
  2. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
  3. Slaughter Thy Poser
  4. Freeze Dried Man
  • Corporate Death
  • Nefarious
  • Dennis The Menace

1999 Decomposed
  1. The Unabomber
  2. Ambassador Hotel
  3. The Brain
  4. David Brom Took An Axe
  5. Dr. Holmes - He Stripped Their Bones
  6. Ed Gein
  7. Serial Killer
  • Corporate Death
  • Nefarious
  • Dennis The Menace

2000 Hammerheart
  1. Dog Guts
  2. Hitchhiker
  3. In The Army Now
  4. Grandmother's House
  5. Blood Bank
  6. Exposure
  7. Ambassador Hotel
  8. Cup Of Coffee
  9. Bath House
  10. Jeffrey Dahmer And The Chocolate Factory
  11. Apartment 213
  12. Drill Bit Lobotomy
  13. Jeffery Dahmer Blues
  14. McDahmers
  15. Into The Toilet With You
  16. Coming To Chicago
  17. Scrub A Dub Dub
  18. Konerak
  19. Media Circus
  20. Temple Of Bones
  21. Trial
  22. Do The Dahmer
  23. Baptized
  24. Christopher Scarver
  25. Dahmer's Dead
  26. The Brain
  • Corporate Death
  • Nefarious
  • Dennis The Menace

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Murder Metal 
2003 Season Of Mist
  1. Acid Bath Vampire
  2. You're Dying To Be With Me
  3. Fatal Foot Fetish
  4. The Hillside Stranglers
  5. Dorthea's Dead Folks Home
  6. The Iceman
  7. Poison
  8. Werewolf Of Bedburg
  9. Morbid Minister
  10. The Wustenfeld Man Eater
  11. Diary Of Torture
  12. Jack The Ripper
  13. Fritz Haarman Der Metzger
  • Corporate Death
  • Nefarious
  • Dennis The Menace

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Macabre Electric & Acoustic Two CD Set  BOXED SET
  1. CD Morbid Campfire Songs
  2. CD Murder Metal

True Tales Of Slaughter And Slaying 
2006 Decomposed

(EP) Human Monsters 
  1. Dracula
  2. The Big Bad Wolf
  3. Countess Bathory
  4. The Bloody Benders
  • Corporate Death
  • Nefarious
  • Dennis The Menace

Grim Scary Tales 
2011 Decomposed
  • Corporate Death
  • Nefarious
  • Dennis The Menace

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(EP) Slaughter Thy Poser 
2012 self-released
  1. Fish Tales
  2. Behind the Wall of Sleep
  3. Slaughter Thy Poser
  4. Freeze Dried Man
  5. Dr. Holmes (He Stripped Their Bones)
  6. Ed Gein
  • Corporate Death
  • Nefarious
  • Dennis The Menace


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