Origin: Switzerland
Genres: Black Metal
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Mirrorthrone is a one-man Swiss project, rooted in symphonic black metal with some experimental touches, and Gangrene, released in 2008, is the band's third and most recent album. The music is generally quite busy, with dense riffing and keyboards playing a major role in shaping the songs, topped with (mostly) harsh blackened vocals. This isn't an easy first listen, as there's a lot going on here, but those into the more ambitious forms of extreme symphonic black metal will probably get into this band.

Current Members

Vladimir Cochet

vocals/all instruments


Of Wind And Weeping 
2003 Red Stream
  1. Racines Dénudées
  2. Florilège Lunatique Occultement Révélateur et Néantisation Caduque Engendrée
  3. The Four Names of the Living Threatening Stone
  4. Aborted
  5. Beyond the Mirrorthrone
  6. The Notion of Perfect
  7. Moi Mort...
  8. Of Wind and Weeping
  • Vladimir Cochet

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Carriers Of Dust 
2006 Red Stream
  1. A Scream to Express the Hate of a Race
  2. Mortphose
  3. De l'Échec Et De Son Essentialité [Point Marginalité Démystifiée]
  4. Ils Brandiront Leurs Idoles
  • Vladimir Cochet

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2008 Red Stream
  1. Dismay
  2. No One By My Side
  3. The Fecal Rebellion
  4. Ganglion
  5. Une Existence dont plus Personne ne Jouit
  6. So Frail
  • Vladimir Cochet

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