Origin: FL, USA
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Nasty Savage  

Formed in 1983 by pro wrestling wannabe Ronnie Galetti, Nasty Savage gained a healthy underground following thanks to their over-the-top live shows (smashing TVs and the like) and their aggresive, thrash power metal style, quite inventive at the time. For whatever reason, though, they became another band that never achieved the fame that their early potential demonstrated. Difficulties plagued the band at the bassist position, as one (Chris Moorhouse) was killed in a car accident, another (Fred Dreschigan) quit due to a hand injury, and yet another (Dezso Bartha) reportedly forced to resign due to family pressures (according to the reports, he would have been denied a generous inheritance had he remained in the band). They broke up following four releases in the late 80's, then reuniting for a gig in Germany in 1999, the first sign of a possible reformation. Since then, they would reactivate for a time and then go dormant, eventually managing one new studio album in 2004. It was announced that their gig in May 2012 would be their last ever.

Current Members

"Nasty" Ronnie Galetti


Ben Meyer

guitars (ex-Acheron, ex-Lowbrow)

David Austin


Richard Bateman

bass (ex-Lowbrow)

Curtis Beeson

drums (ex-Denial Fiend, ex-Havoc Mass, ex-Lowbrow)

Former Members/Guests

Fred Dreschigan


Dezso Istvan Bartha


Chris Moorhouse



Nasty Savage 
1985 Metal Blade
  1. No Sympathy
  2. Gladiator
  3. Fear Beyond the Vision
  4. Metal Knights
  5. Garden of Temptation
  6. Asmodeus
  7. Dungeon of Pleasure
  8. The Morgue
  9. Instigator
  10. Psychopath
  11. End of Time
  • "Nasty" Ronnie Galetti
  • Ben Meyer
  • David Austin
  • Fred Dreschigan
  • Curtis Beeson

1987 Metal Blade
  1. Stabbed In Back
  2. Divination
  3. XXX
  4. Indulgence
  5. Inferno
  6. Hypnotic Trance
  7. Incursion Dementia
  8. Distorted Fanatic
  9. ?
  • "Nasty" Ronnie Galetti
  • Ben Meyer
  • David Austin
  • Dezso Istvan Bartha
  • Curtis Beeson

(EP) Abstract Reality 
1988 Metal Blade
  1. Abstract reality
  2. Unchained angel
  3. Eromantic vertigo
  4. You snooze, you lose
  • "Nasty" Ronnie Galetti
  • Ben Meyer
  • David Austin
  • Chris Moorhouse
  • Curtis Beeson

Penetration Point 
1989 Rotten
  1. Welcome wagon
  2. Irrational
  3. Ritual submission
  4. Powerslam
  5. Sin eater
  6. Penetration point
  7. Puzzled
  8. Horizertical
  9. Family circus
  • "Nasty" Ronnie Galetti
  • Ben Meyer
  • David Austin
  • Richard Bateman
  • Curtis Beeson

(EP) Wage Of Mayhem 
2002 Crook'd
  1. Sardonic Mosiac
  2. Wage Of Mayhem (Part One)
  3. Unchained Angel
  4. Savage Desire
  5. Witches Sabbath
  6. XXX

Psycho Psycho 
2004 Metal Blade
  1. Psycho Psycho
  2. Hell Unleashed
  3. Anguish
  4. Human Factor
  5. Terminus Maximus
  6. Dementia 13
  7. Step Up To The Plate
  8. Return Of The Savage
  9. Triumphal Entry
  10. Betrayal System
  11. Savage Desire
  12. Merciless Truths
  • "Nasty" Ronnie Galetti
  • Ben Meyer
  • David Austin
  • Richard Bateman
  • Curtis Beeson

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