Origin: MD, USA
Genres: Doom Metal
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The Obsessed  

Led by the legendary guitarist/vocalist Scott "Wino" Weinrich, The Obsessed is still highly regarded as one of the most influential doom bands of the eighties. Originally known as Warhorse back in 1976, the band gigged and demoed, eventually releasing the rare self-titled EP in 1983 (often referred to as the Sodden Jackal EP). Weinrich then took an offer to join St. Vitus, folding the band in the process. After a lengthy run there, he returned and put together a new version of The Obsessed, releasing three standout albums between 1990 and 1994 before folding a year later. In the intervening years Wino kept busy, forming several new bands (two notables being Spirit Caravan and The Hidden Hand), playing in bands such as Place Of Skulls, and maintaining a solid solo career as well. The Obsessed also briefly reunited now again, but remained officially disbanded until 2016, when Wino decided to turn the current Spirit Caravan lineup into a formal The Obsessed rebirth.

Current Members

Scott "Wino" Weinrich

vocals/guitars (ex-The Hidden Hand, ex-Place Of Skulls, ex-Spirit Caravan, St. Vitus, Wino)

Sara Claudius

guitars (Armageddon)

Bruce Falkinburg

bass (ex-The Hidden Hand)

Brian Costantino


Former Members/Guests

Mark Laue

bass (Unorthodox)

Scott Reeder

bass (Fireball Ministry, ex-Goatsnake, ex-Kyuss, Sunn O))), ex-Unida)

Guy Pinhas

bass (ex-Acid King, ex-Goatsnake)

Dave Williams


Ed Gulli


Greg Rogers

drums (Goatsnake)


(EP) The Obsessed 
1983 Invictus
  1. Sodden Jackal
  2. Iron & Stone
  3. Indestroy
  • Scott "Wino" Weinrich
  • Mark Laue
  • Dave Williams

The Obsessed 
1990 Hellhound
  1. Tombstone Highway
  2. The Way she Fly
  3. Forever Midnight
  4. Ground Out
  5. Fear Child
  6. Freedom
  7. Red Disaster
  8. Inner Turmoil
  9. River of Soul
  • Scott "Wino" Weinrich
  • Mark Laue
  • Ed Gulli

Lunar Womb 
1991 Hellhound
  1. Brother Blue Steel
  2. Bardo
  3. Hiding Mask
  4. Spew
  5. Kachina
  6. Jaded
  7. Back To Zero
  8. No Blame
  9. No Mas
  10. Endless Circles
  11. Lunar Womb
  12. Embryo
  • Scott "Wino" Weinrich
  • Scott Reeder
  • Greg Rogers

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The Church Within 
1994 Sony
  1. To Protect and to Serve
  2. Field of Hours
  3. Streamlined
  4. Blind Lightning
  5. Neatz Brigade
  6. World Apart
  7. Skybone
  8. Streetside
  9. Climate of Despair
  10. Mourning
  11. Touch of Everything
  12. Decimation
  13. Living Rain
  • Scott "Wino" Weinrich
  • Guy Pinhas
  • Greg Rogers

1999 Southern Lord
  1. Yen Sleep
  2. Concrete Cancer
  3. Peckerwood Stomp
  4. Inside Looking Out
  5. Mental Kingdom
  6. Sodden Jackal
  7. Iron & Stone
  8. Indestroy
  9. Streetside
  10. Mourning
  11. Spirit Caravan
  12. Skybone
  13. On The Hunt
  14. River Of Soul
  15. Lunar Womb

Live At The Melkweg November 28th 1992  LIVE
2012 self-released
  1. Neatz Brigade
  2. No Blame
  3. Jaded
  4. Mental Kingdom
  5. Skybone
  6. Forever Midnight
  7. Spirit Caravan
  8. Street Side
  9. Brother Blue Steel
  10. Mourning
  11. Hiding Mask

Live Music Hall Koln December 29th 1992  LIVE
2012 Roadburn
  1. Mourning
  2. Hiding Mask
  3. The Way She Fly
  4. Forever Midnight
  5. Streamlined
  6. Brother Blue Steel
  7. Blind Lightning
  8. Neatz Brigade
  9. River of Soul
  • Scott "Wino" Weinrich
  • Guy Pinhas
  • Greg Rogers

2017 Relapse
  1. Sodden Jackal
  2. Punk Crusher
  3. Sacred
  4. Haywire
  5. Perseverance Of Futility
  6. It's Only Money
  7. Cold Blood
  8. Stranger Things
  9. Razor Wire
  10. My Daughter My Son
  11. Be The Night
  12. Interlude
  13. On So Long (bonus)
  14. Crossroader Blues (bonus)
  • Scott "Wino" Weinrich
  • Sara Claudius
  • Bruce Falkinburg
  • Brian Costantino

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