Origin: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Genres: 80's Metal
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Omen was one of the more successful Metal Blade artists of the eighties, employing a classic 80's metal sound vaguely along the lines of Priest/Maiden. Frankly I remember little about them, though I thought they were decent (if not outstanding) at the time. The Escape To Nowhere album marked a slight departure from their early style, and shortly after its release, the band broke up. It wasn't until 1997 that founder Kenny Powell resurrected the Omen name with a new lineup, and his own son Greg taking over on vocals. The resulting album, Reopening The Gates, reportedly had more in common with 90's metal than with their earlier albums, which left many core fans longing for the classic Omen style. The band took a break, then came back together with a new vocalist (son Greg having moved on to his own band, Stomping Ground). A new album, Eternal Black Dawn, said to be in the vein of the classic older Omen material, has now been released.

Current Members

Matt Storey


Kenny Powell

guitars (ex-Savage Grace)

Andy Haas


Wampa Zayas


Former Members/Guests

J.D. Kimball

vocals RIP: October 3, 2003, cancer

Coburn Pharr

vocals (ex-Annihilator)

Greg Powell


Kevin Goocher


Jody Henry


Steve Wittig


Cam Daigneault


Rick Murray



Battle Cry 
1984 Metal Blade
  1. Death Rider
  2. The Axeman
  3. Last Rites
  4. Dragon's Breath
  5. Be my Wench
  6. Battle Cry
  7. Die by the Blade
  8. Prince of Darkness
  9. Bring out the Beast
  10. In the Arena
  • J.D. Kimball
  • Kenny Powell
  • Jody Henry
  • Steve Wittig

Warning Of Danger 
1985 Metal Blade
  1. Warning of Danger
  2. March On
  3. Ruby Eyes (Of the Serpent)
  4. Don't Fear the Night
  5. V.B.P.
  6. Premonition
  7. Termination
  8. Make me your King
  9. Red Horizon
  10. Hell's Gate
  • J.D. Kimball
  • Kenny Powell
  • Jody Henry
  • Steve Wittig

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

(EP) Nightmares 
1985 Metal Blade
  1. Nightmares
  2. Shock Treatment
  3. Dragon's Breath
  4. Termination
  5. Bounty Hunter
  6. Whole Lotta Rosie (Live)
  • J.D. Kimball
  • Kenny Powell
  • Jody Henry
  • Steve Wittig

The Curse 
1986 Metal Blade
  1. The Curse
  2. Kill on Sight
  3. Holy Martyr
  4. Eye of the Storm
  5. S.R.B.
  6. Teeth of the Hydra
  7. At all Cost
  8. Destiny
  9. Bounty Hunter
  10. The Larch
  • J.D. Kimball
  • Kenny Powell
  • Jody Henry
  • Steve Wittig

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

Escape To Nowhere 
1988 Metal Blade
  1. It's not easy
  2. Radar Love
  3. Escape to Nowhere
  4. Cry for the Morning
  5. Thorn in your Flesh
  6. Poisoned
  7. Nomads
  8. King of the Hill
  9. No way out
  • Coburn Pharr
  • Kenny Powell
  • Jody Henry
  • Cam Daigneault

Teeth Of The Hydra  COMPILATION
1989 Metal Blade

Reopening The Gates 
1997 Massacre
  1. Dead March
  2. Uneven Plow
  3. Chained
  4. Rain Down
  5. Reopening The Gates
  6. Everything
  7. Well Fed
  8. Crushing Day
  9. Into The Ground
  • Greg Powell
  • Kenny Powell
  • Andy Haas
  • Rick Murray

Eternal Black Dawn 
2003 Mausoleum
  1. 1000 Year Reign
  2. Eternal Black Dawn
  3. Burning Times
  4. Blood Feud
  5. House On Rue Royale
  6. King Of The Seven Seas
  7. Chains Or Delirium
  8. Chaos In The Cathedral
  9. The Spectre Of Battles Past (Medley)
  • Kevin Goocher
  • Matt Storey
  • Kenny Powell
  • Andy Haas
  • Rick Murray

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Into The Arena: 20 Years Live  LIVE
  1. Intro: Premonition
  2. Death Rider
  3. The Curse
  4. Bounty Hunter
  5. Battle Cry
  6. Torture Me
  7. King Of The Hill
  8. Voices Screaming
  • J.D. Kimball
  • Kenny Powell
  • Jody Henry
  • Steve Wittig

Blood - Steel - Vengeance  COMPILATION
  1. Blood on the Water
  2. Warning of Danger
  3. Death Rider
  4. Make Me Your King
  5. Die by the Blade
  6. Teeth of the Hydra
  7. Last Rites
  8. The Axe Man
  9. S.R.B.
  10. The Curse (live)

  1. Premonition
  2. Death Rider
  3. The Curse
  4. Battle Cry
  5. Bounty Hunter
  6. Torture Me
  7. Warning of Danger
  8. Ruby Eyes
  9. Donít Fear the Night
  10. March On
  11. Kings Rock
  12. Escape to Nowhere
  13. Voices Screaming


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