Origin: San Francisco, CA, USA

The Organization  

The San Francisco thrash band Death Angel had a successful run in the late eighties, but when vocalist Mark Osegueda decided to leave, the rest of the band opted to carry on with a style change, and thus The Organization was born. The resulting two albums released by the band are more rock/metal and less thrash than the Death Angel material. The band seemed to struggle to find a direction, as neither album really set the world on fire, and so they split up in 1996. The Death Angel page contains more current information about band members.

Current Members

Rob Cavestany

guitars/vocals (Death Angel, Swarm)

Gus Pepa

guitars (ex-Death Angel)

Dennis Pepa

bass (ex-Death Angel)

Andy Galeon

drums (ex-Death Angel, Swarm)


The Organization 
1993 Metal Blade
  1. Free Burning
  2. Policy
  3. Lift
  4. Bringer
  5. Brainstorm
  6. Bottom Dog
  7. Wonder
  8. Withdrawal
  9. The Past
  10. Been Nice

Savor The Flavor 
1995 Metal Blade
  1. Savor the Flavor
  2. So Full of Lies
  3. Doomsday Eve
  4. A Way Today
  5. Had A Long Today
  6. The Chase
  7. War 25
  8. Begin A Life
  9. The Drought
  10. Insomnia
  11. Stupid Mood
  12. By the Time


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