Origin: England
Genres: NWOBHM, Doom Metal
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Pagan Altar  

The NWOBHM movement of the late seventies and early eighties spawned a few classic bands, several others that enjoyed some success, and hundreds of lesser-knowns that never got past the demo or 7" stage. Then there is Pagan Altar, a band who seemed to be talked about a lot at the time yet weren't well known, a band who recorded an album in 1982 that few seemed to have heard at that time. One listen to that album and one wonders why on earth wasn't this band big? In a nutshell, Pagan Altar was doom-influenced classic NWOBHM, a style that strangely wasn't common at the time (apart from the brilliant Witchfinder General), with unique vocals (likened by many to a young Bon Scott, if he sang doom) and a truly unique and original sound. Exactly what happened to the band in those days isn't quite clear (the official website goes into great depth on certain details but doesn't present a clear chronology), but basically interest in the band over the years resulted in re-releases of that first album and, after twenty-two years (!), the recording of their followup, The Lords Of Hypocrisy, amazingly featuring three of the original quartet. The guys are still at it today, apparently working on a new album. Volume 1 is truly a lost gem, absolutely recommended for anyone into the NWOBHM scene.

Current Members

Alan Jones

guitars/backing vocals

Trevor Portch

bass/backing vocals

Mark Elliot


Former Members/Guests

Terry Jones

vocals RIP: May 15, 2015, cancer

John Mizrahi



Volume 1 
1982 Oracle
  1. Pagan Altar
  2. In the Wake of Armadeus
  3. Judgement of the Dead
  4. The Black Mass
  5. Night Rider
  6. Acoustics
  7. Reincarnation
  • Terry Jones
  • Alan Jones
  • Trevor Portch
  • John Mizrahi

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The Lords Of Hypocrisy 
2004 Oracle
  1. The Lords Of Hypocrisy
  2. Satan's Henchmen
  3. The Sentinals Of Hate
  4. Armageddon
  5. The Interlude
  6. The Aftermath
  7. March Of The Dead
  • Terry Jones
  • Alan Jones
  • Trevor Portch
  • Mark Elliot

(EP) The Time Lord 
2004 I Hate
  1. The Time Lord
  2. Highway Cavalier
  3. Judgement Of The Dead
  4. The Black Mass
  5. Reincarnation

Mythical & Magical 
2006 Oracle
  1. Intro
  2. Samhein
  3. The Cry of the Banshee
  4. The Crowman
  5. Daemoni na Hoiche
  6. The Sorcerer
  7. Flight of the Witch Queen
  8. Dance of the Druids
  9. The Erl King
  10. The Witches Pathway
  11. Sharnie
  12. The Rising of the Dark Lord
  • Terry Jones
  • Alan Jones
  • Trevor Portch
  • Mark Elliot

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