Origin: Louisville, KY, USA
Genres: Black Metal


At first glance it might appear that Panopticon is just another one-man black metal project, notable perhaps as the band/person is from Kentucky. But peel back the layers a bit and one finds there's a lot going on here. Atmospheric black metal is the core, but Austin Lunn (the man doing it all here) also incorporates banjos, flutes, and even touches of bluegrass into the proceedings, thus imbuing songs with a unique take on folk metal. Lyrically there is often a political stance of one form or another at play, such as the exposť on the Kentucky coal-mining industry that comprises (naturally) the Kentucky album, or social injustices on Social Disservices. The album reviewed here, 2012's Roads To The North, truly hits on all cylinders, there is tremendous depth here that, as previously implied, might take a few listens to absorb. There have been several American bands with solid takes on black metal, and Panopticon should be lauded with the best of them.

Current Members

Austin Lunn

vocals/all instruments


  1. Intro
  2. Flag Burner, Torch Bearer
  3. I, Hedonist
  4. ...Speaking...
  5. The Lay of Grimnir
  6. Archetype
  7. Emma's Song
  • Austin Lunn

  1. The Death of Baldr and the Coming War
  2. Aptrgangr
  3. Merkstave
  4. Idavoll
  • Austin Lunn

... On The Subject Of Mortality  COMPILATION
  1. Living in the Valley of the Shadow of Death
  2. Living Eulogy
  3. To Make an Idol of Our Fear and Call It God
  4. A Message to the Missionary
  5. ...Seeing...
  6. Watching You

Social Disservices 
  1. Resident
  2. Client
  3. Subject
  4. Patient
  • Austin Lunn

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  1. Bernheim Forest in Spring
  2. Bodies Under the Falls
  3. Come All Ye Coal Miners
  4. Black Soot and Red Blood
  5. Which Side Are You On?
  6. Killing the Giants as They Sleep
  7. Black Waters
  8. Kentucky
  • Austin Lunn

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Roads To The North 
2014 Bindrune
  1. The Echoes of a Dissonant Evensong
  2. Where Mountains Pierce the Sky
  3. The Long Road Part 1: One Last Fire...
  4. The Long Road Part 2: Capricious Miles
  5. The Long Road Part 3: The Sigh of Summer
  6. Norwegian Nights
  7. ...in Silence
  8. Chase the Grain
  • Austin Lunn

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Autumn Eternal 
2015 Bindrune
  1. Tamarack's Gold Returns
  2. Into the North Woods
  3. Autumn Eternal
  4. Oaks Ablaze
  5. Sleep to the Sound of the Waves Crashing
  6. Pale Ghosts
  7. A Superior Lament
  8. The Winds Farewell
  • Austin Lunn

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