Origin: PA, USA
Genres: Doom Metal


One of the standout indie American doom bands of the nineties, Penance was born when several members of Dream Death decided to pursue a more classic doom direction. The band released five albums with various lineups, breaking up some time after 2003's Spiritualnatural. Their final album, the posthumous release The Road Revisited, is actually an alternate version of The Road Less Travelled (the band's 1992 debut) -- apparently both versions were recorded around the same time, with Revisited being the earlier, never-heard-before version. Vocalist Brian Balich is continuing in a new band called Argus.

Current Members

Brian Balich

vocals (Arduini/Balich, Argus)

Terry Weston

guitars (Blackfinger, ex-Dream Death)

Matt Tuite


Dave Roman

guitars (Under The Sun)

Mary Bielich

bass (ex-Em Sinfonia, ex-Novembers Doom)

Mike Smail

drums (ex-Cathedral, ex-Dream Death, ex-Internal Void, ex-Pentagram, Under The Sun)

Former Members/Guests

Brian Lawrence

vocals/guitars (ex-Dream Death)

Lee Smith


Richard Freund

bass (ex-Dream Death)

Frank Miller


Ron Leard



The Road Less Travelled 
1992 Rise Above
  1. The Unseen
  2. A Wayfarer's Tale
  3. If They Would Cut My Throat Out ...
  4. Misgivings
  5. Soulrot
  6. Not What It Seems
  7. Penance
  • Brian Lawrence
  • Terry Weston
  • Richard Freund
  • Mike Smail

Parallel Corners 
1994 Century Media
  1. Words Not Deeds
  2. Born To Suffer
  3. Words To Live By
  4. Destroyed By One
  5. Crosses
  6. Visions
  7. Reflections
  8. Monster I've Become
  • Lee Smith
  • Terry Weston
  • Frank Miller
  • Mike Smail

Proving Ground 
1999 independent
  1. Proving Ground
  2. Cloudless
  3. Transcending
  4. Dead Already
  5. Bitter
  6. Pain
  7. Never Lost
  8. Cast in Grey
  9. Bleed You
  10. Circle #9
  11. Slipping
  • Brian Balich
  • Terry Weston
  • Ron Leard
  • Mike Smail

Alpha And Omega 
2001 Martyr Music
  1. Wizards Of Mind
  2. New Machine
  3. See The Light
  4. Reaching
  5. Eden Fallen
  • Brian Balich
  • Terry Weston
  • Matt Tuite
  • Mary Bielich
  • Mike Smail

2003 Martyr Music
  1. Gemini
  2. The Innocent
  3. The River Ara
  4. Regret
  5. Casting Long Shadows
  6. Lost My Way
  7. Long Suffering
  8. Iron Curtain Blues
  9. All Is Vanity
  10. Spiritualnatural
  11. Starshine
  • Brian Balich
  • Terry Weston
  • Matt Tuite
  • Dave Roman
  • Mary Bielich
  • Mike Smail

The Road Revisited 
2005 PsycheDOOMelic
  1. Eulogy (Intro)
  2. The Unseen
  3. A Wayfarer's Tale
  4. If They Would Cut My Throat Out ...
  5. Misgivings
  6. Soul Rot
  7. Not What It Seems
  8. Penance

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