Origin: Netherlands
Genres: 80's Metal
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One of the earliest Dutch metal bands, Picture enjoyed success in their native Holland as well as places like South America in the early eighties, playing a brand of straightforward metal which might sound dated now but was not bad for its time. The band shifted direction after the third album (a quote from guitarist Jan Bechtum: ""Eternal Dark" (and beyond) is something I think has nothing to do with Picture."), with the last two albums essentially record-contract obligation albums only. After being disbanded throughout the nineties, Bechtum briefly briefly reformed the band with a new lineup, which didn't last long. Finally, most of the original members, including Bechtum, came back together, and have released Live 2008 and are intending to record again in 2009.

Current Members

Pete Lovell


Mike Ferguson

guitars (Detonation, God Dethroned)

Andre Wullems


Rinus Vreugdenhil


Laurens Bakker


Former Members/Guests

Ronald Van Prooien


Shmoulik Avigal

vocals (ex-Guardians Of The Flame, ex-The Rods)

Bert Heerink

vocals (ex-Vandenberg)

Jan Bechtum


Chris van Jaarsveld


Rob Van Enkhuizen


Henry van Manen


Peter Bourbon


Ronald De Grouw


Jacques Van Oevelen

drums RIP: December 7, 2016


1980 Backdoor
  1. Dirty Street Fighter
  2. You Can Go
  3. Bombers
  4. No More
  5. One Way Street
  6. You're A Fool
  7. Get Back Or You Fall
  8. Rockin' In Your Brains
  9. He's A Player
  10. Fear
  • Ronald Van Prooien
  • Jan Bechtum
  • Rinus Vreugdenhil
  • Laurens Bakker

Heavy Metal Ears 
1981 Backdoor
  1. Heavy Metal Ears
  2. Spend The Night With You
  3. Unemployed
  4. I'm Just A Simple Man
  5. Funky Town
  6. Out Of Time
  7. Nighttiger
  8. No No No
  9. Rock & Roll / Under Your Spell
  • Ronald Van Prooien
  • Jan Bechtum
  • Rinus Vreugdenhil
  • Laurens Bakker

Diamond Dreamer 
1982 Backdoor
  1. Lady Lightning
  2. Night Hunter
  3. Hot Lovin'
  4. Diamond Dreamer
  5. Message From Hell
  6. You're All Alone
  7. Lousy Lady
  8. The Hangman
  9. Get Me Rock And Roll
  10. You're Touching Me

  • Shmoulik Avigal
  • Jan Bechtum
  • Rinus Vreugdenhil
  • Laurens Bakker

Eternal Dark 
1983 Backdoor
  1. Eternal Dark
  2. Make You Burn
  3. Into The Underworld
  4. Griffons Guard The Gold
  5. Down And Out
  6. Flying In Time
  7. Tell No Lies
  8. Battle For The Universe
  9. Power Of Evil
  10. The Blade
  • Pete Lovell
  • Chris van Jaarsveld
  • Henry van Manen
  • Rinus Vreugdenhil
  • Laurens Bakker

1984 Backdoor
  1. Traitor
  2. State Of Shock
  3. Loud 'n Proud
  4. Lost In The Night
  5. Right Now
  6. We Don't Need To Hide
  7. Out Of Control
  8. Fantasies
  9. Dyin' To Live
  • Pete Lovell
  • Chris van Jaarsveld
  • Henry van Manen
  • Rinus Vreugdenhil
  • Jacques Van Oevelen

Every Story Needs Another Picture 
1985 Backdoor
  1. Battlecruiser
  2. Moving Down The Line
  3. Burning For Your Love
  4. Stay With Me
  5. She Was Made For Lovin'
  6. I'm Still Flying
  7. Stand Back For The People In Charge
  8. You Took My Money, You Took My Pride
  9. No Way Back
  • Bert Heerink
  • Rob Van Enkhuizen
  • Rinus Vreugdenhil
  • Jacques Van Oevelen

1986 Touchdown
  1. Break Away
  2. Vampire of the New Age
  3. Money
  4. Desperate Call
  5. I'm on My Way
  6. We just can't Lose
  7. Don't keep me waiting
  8. Get out of My Sight
  9. S.O.S.
  10. Sarah
  • Bert Heerink
  • Rob Van Enkhuizen
  • Rinus Vreugdenhil
  • Ronald De Grouw
  • Jacques Van Oevelen

Live 2008 
  1. You're all alone
  2. Heavy Metal Ears
  3. Diamond Dreamer
  4. Eternal Dark
  5. Griffons guard the Gold
  6. Tell no Lies
  7. Lady Lightning
  8. You're touching me
  9. Choosing your Sign (new)
  10. Live by the Sword (new)
  11. Bombers
  • Pete Lovell
  • Jan Bechtum
  • Rob Van Enkhuizen
  • Rinus Vreugdenhil
  • Laurens Bakker

Old Dogs New Tricks 
2009 Marsmountains
  1. Old Dogs New Tricks
  2. Blood Out Of A Stone
  3. High On Fire
  4. Live By The Sword
  5. Now It's Too Late
  6. Just Incredible
  7. Who Can You Trust
  8. Opposites Attract
  9. Choosing Your Sign
  10. A Better Soul
  11. Celtic Cross
  12. Never In A Million Years
  • Pete Lovell
  • Jan Bechtum
  • Rob Van Enkhuizen
  • Rinus Vreugdenhil
  • Laurens Bakker

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2012 Artist Station
  1. Battle Plan
  2. Shadow of the Damned
  3. Rejected
  4. Edge of Hell
  5. The King is Losing his Crown
  6. Think I Lost my Way
  7. Killer in my Sights
  8. My Kinda Woman
  9. The Price I Pay
  10. War Horse
  11. We're Not Alone
  12. Stand My Ground
  13. Eternal Dark MMXI (Bonus Track)
  • Pete Lovell
  • Mike Ferguson
  • Peter Bourbon
  • Rinus Vreugdenhil
  • Laurens Bakker


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