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Though Prong's early work is firmly in the hardcore realm (as evidenced on their first two albums), it was their third album, 1990's Beg To Differ, that put them on the worldwide map, a unique sort of metal/industrial/groove mixture that was their trademark for several years. Many still point to that album as their best, but any of the four albums released from 1990 to 1996 are solid bets (the BNR favorite, slightly, is Cleansing). The band unofficially dissolved in 1997, with Paul Raven and Ted Parsons both spending some time in Godflesh before that band's breakup.

For the next several years scattered reports of new Prong lineups surfaced, featuring Tommy Victor and various other people. A stable lineup finally materialized in late 2001, and a new version of Prong led by Victor, is alive once again. A live album, 100% Live was released in late 2002, followed by the band's comeback studio album (their first in seven years) in Scorpio Rising. Despite the member changes and the gap between releases, Scorpio more or less picks up where their last couple of albums left off, except for toning down the industrial touches of Rude Awakening. Victor's vocal and songwriting styles are very much intact here, making Scorpio Rising an essential purchase for old Prong fans.

Current Members

Tommy Victor

guitars/vocals (Danzig, ex-Ministry)

Jason Christopher


Arturo Cruz


Former Members/Guests

Mike Kirkland


Troy Gregory

bass/vocals (ex-Flotsam & Jetsam)

Paul Raven

bass (ex-Killing Joke, ex-Ministry, Treponem Pal) RIP: October 20, 2007, heart attack

Brian Perry


Monte Pittman


Tony Campos

bass (Asesino, Fear Factory, Ministry, ex-Soulfly, ex-Static-X)

Ted Parsons

drums (ex-Godflesh, Jesu, Treponem Pal)

Dan Laudo


Aaron Rossi

drums (Ministry)

Alexei Rodriguez

drums (ex-3 Inches Of Blood)


Primitive Origins 
1987 Spigot
  1. Disbelief
  2. Watching
  3. Cling To Life
  4. Denial
  5. Dreams Like That
  6. In My Veins
  7. Climate Control
  8. Persecution
  • Tommy Victor
  • Mike Kirkland
  • Ted Parsons

Force Fed 
1987 In Effect
  1. Freezer Burn
  2. Forgery
  3. Senseless Abuse
  4. Primitive Origins
  5. Aggravated Condition
  6. The Coliseum
  7. Decay
  8. It's Been Decided
  9. Force Fed
  10. The Taming
  11. Bought & Sold
  12. Look Up At The Sun
  13. Drainpipe
  • Tommy Victor
  • Mike Kirkland
  • Ted Parsons

Beg To Differ 
1990 Epic
  1. For Dear Life
  2. Steady Decline
  3. Beg To Differ
  4. Lost And Found
  5. Your Fear
  6. Take It In Hand
  7. Intermenstrual, D.S.B.
  8. Right To Nothing
  9. Prime Cut
  10. Just The Same
  11. Third From The Sun (Live)
  • Tommy Victor
  • Mike Kirkland
  • Ted Parsons
1990 BNR and Internet Top Ten album

Prove You Wrong 
1991 Sony
  1. Irrelevant thoughts
  2. Unconditional
  3. Positively blind
  4. Prove you wrong
  5. Hell if I could
  6. Pointless
  7. Contradictions
  8. Torn between
  9. Brainwave
  10. Territorial rites
  11. Get a grip (on yourself)
  12. Shouldn't have bothered
  13. No way to deny it
  • Tommy Victor
  • Troy Gregory
  • Ted Parsons

(EP) Whose Fist Is It Anyway? 
1992 Sony
  1. Prove You Wrong--Fuzzbuster Mix
  2. Get a Grip (on Yourself)--Harm Mix
  3. Hell if I Could--Dub Mix
  4. Irrelevant Thoughts--Safety Mix
  5. Talk Talk
  6. Prove You Wrong--Xanax Mix
  • Tommy Victor
  • Troy Gregory
  • Ted Parsons

1994 Sony
  1. Another worldly device
  2. Whose fist is this anyway?
  3. Snap your fingers, snap your neck
  4. Cut-rate
  5. Broken peace
  6. One outnumbered
  7. Out of this misery
  8. No question
  9. Not of this earth
  10. Home rule
  11. Sublime
  12. Test
  • Tommy Victor
  • Paul Raven
  • Ted Parsons
1994 BNR Top Ten album

Rude Awakening 
1996 Sony
  1. Controller
  2. Caprice
  3. Rude awakening
  4. Unfortunately
  5. Face value
  6. Avenue of the finest
  7. Slicing
  8. Without hope
  9. Mansruin
  10. Innocence gone
  11. Dark signs
  12. Close the door
  13. Proud division
  • Tommy Victor
  • Paul Raven
  • Ted Parsons

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100% Live 
2002 Locomotive
  1. Another Worldly Device
  2. Disbelief
  3. Beg To Differ
  4. Initiation
  5. Broken Peace
  6. Prove You Wrong
  7. Close The Door
  8. Rude Awakening
  9. Controller
  10. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
  11. Cut Rate
  12. Unconditional
  13. Dark Signs
  14. Whose Fist Is This Anyway
  • Tommy Victor
  • Brian Perry
  • Monte Pittman
  • Dan Laudo

Scorpio Rising 
2003 Locomotive
  1. Detached
  2. All Knowing Force
  3. Embrace The Depth
  4. Reactive Mind
  5. Regal
  6. Inner Truth
  7. Avoid Promises
  8. Siriusly Emerging
  9. Assurances
  10. Out Of this Realm
  11. Letter To A "Friend"
  12. Entrance Of The Eclipse
  13. Red Martial Workings
  14. Hidden Agendas
  • Tommy Victor
  • Monte Pittman
  • Dan Laudo

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Power Of The Damager 
2007 13th Planet
  1. king For Them
  2. No Justice
  3. 3rd Option
  4. Pure Ether
  5. Power Of The Damager
  6. The Banishment
  7. Worst Of It
  8. Spirit Guide
  9. Messages Inside Of Me
  10. Can't Stop The Bleeding
  11. Bad Fall
  12. Changing Ending Troubling Times
  • Tommy Victor
  • Monte Pittman
  • Aaron Rossi

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Power Of The Damn MiXXXer 
2009 13th Planet
  1. Worst Of It (Worst Of The Worst Mix)
  2. Can’t Stop The Bleeding (Smack! Mix)
  3. The Banishment (Wolfzilla & The Angry Moon Mix)
  4. Power Of The Damager (Fabrication Mix)
  5. 3rd Option (Naked In The Cadillac Mix)
  6. Pure Ether – (Big Riddim Mix)
  7. Message Inside Of Me (Chicxulub Impactor Mix)
  8. No Justice (Crackmix)
  9. Looking For Them (Contagious Mix)
  10. Spirit Guide (Reality's Edge Mix)
  11. Changing Ending Troubling Times (Abandoned Structures Mix)
  12. The Banishment (Bitter Harvest Mix)
  13. Bad Fall (Smile on Your Face Mix)

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Carved Into Stone 
2012 Long Branch
  1. Eternal Heat
  2. Keep On Living In Pain
  3. Ammunition
  4. Revenge ... Best Served Cold
  5. State of Rebellion
  6. Put Myself to Sleep
  7. List of Grievances
  8. Carved Into Stone
  9. Subtract
  10. Path of Least Resistance
  11. Reinvestigate
  • Tommy Victor
  • Tony Campos
  • Alexei Rodriguez

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Ruining Lives 
2014 Long Branch
  1. Turnover
  2. The Barriers
  3. Windows Shut
  4. Remove, Separate Self
  5. Ruining Lives
  6. Absence Of Light
  7. The Book Of Change
  8. Self Will Run Riot
  9. Come To Realize
  10. Chamber Of Thought
  11. Limitations And Validations
  12. Retreat (bonus track)
  • Tommy Victor
  • Tony Campos
  • Alexei Rodriguez

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Songs From The Black Hole 
2015 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Doomsday (Discharge cover)
  2. Vision Thing (The Sisters of Mercy cover)
  3. Goofy's Concern (Butthole Surfers cover)
  4. Kids of the Black Hole (Adolescents cover)
  5. Bars (Black Flag cover)
  6. Seeing Red (Killing Joke cover)
  7. Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely (Hüsker Dü cover)
  8. Give Me the Cure (Fugazi cover)
  9. Banned in D.C. (Bad Brains cover)
  10. Cortez the Killer (Neil Young cover)
  • Tommy Victor
  • Jason Christopher
  • Arturo Cruz

X - No Absolutes 
2016 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Ultimate Authority
  2. Sense of Ease
  3. Without Words
  4. Cut and Dry
  5. No Absolutes
  6. Do Nothing
  7. Belief System
  8. Soul Sickness
  9. In Spite of Hindrances
  10. Ice Runs Through My Veins
  11. Worth Pursuing
  12. With Dignity
  13. Universal Law
  • Tommy Victor
  • Jason Christopher
  • Arturo Cruz

Zero Days 
2017 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. However It May End
  2. Zero Days
  3. Off The Grid
  4. Divide And Conquer
  5. Forced Into Tolerance
  6. Interbeing
  7. Blood Out Of Stone
  8. Operation Of The Moral Law
  9. The Whispers
  10. Self Righteous Indignation
  11. Rulers Of The Collective
  12. Compulsive Future Projection
  13. Wasting Of The Dawn
  14. Reasons To Be Fearful
  • Tommy Victor
  • Jason Christopher
  • Arturo Cruz


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