Origin: Finland
Genres: Goth Rock/Metal
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With their second album, the aptly-titled Songs For The Withering, Finland's Rapture is placed squarely in the melancholic goth field. Late-period Katatonia is the clear and obvious sound-alike here, with other lesser similarities to fellow Finns Sentenced and perhaps a less adventurous Opeth. The band employs two singers (Petri Eskilenin singing clean, Henri Villberg growling death-style), and while they rarely sing in tandem, their contrast in styles lends some variety to the songs that might otherwise be a bit samey. A generally somber, but not overly depressing, mood is maintained throughout the album, thanks to well-constructed guitar melodies and the aforementioned vocals. A bit more originality wouldn't go amiss here, as Rapture still sounds more like other bands than a unique entity, but there's otherwise very little to fault here -- Songs For The Withering is an excellent album for fans of the aforementioned bands.

Current Members

Petri Eskelinen


Tomi Ullgren

guitars (Impaled Nazarene, Shape Of Despair, Thy Serpent)

Aleksi Ahokas

guitars/bass (Rain Paint)

Samu Ruotsalainen

drums (ex-Barathrum, Finntroll, Shape Of Despair)

Former Members/Guests

Henri Villberg


Jarno Salomaa

guitars (Shape Of Despair)

Joni Ohman



2000 Spinefarm
  1. Intro
  2. To Forget
  3. This is where I am
  4. While the world sleeps
  5. Futile
  6. Someone I (don't) Know
  7. (About) Leaving
  • Petri Eskelinen
  • Tomi Ullgren
  • Jarno Salomaa
  • Joni Ohman
  • Samu Ruotsalainen

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Songs For The Withering 
2002 Spinefarm
  1. Nameless
  2. Gallows
  3. Two Dead Names
  4. Transfixion
  5. The Vast
  6. Raintracks
  7. Enveloped
  8. The Great Distance
  9. Farewell
  • Petri Eskelinen
  • Henri Villberg
  • Tomi Ullgren
  • Aleksi Ahokas
  • Samu Ruotsalainen

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Silent Stage 
2005 Spinefarm
  1. Misery 24/7
  2. The Past Nightmares
  3. I Am Complete
  4. For The Ghosts Of Our Time
  5. Silent Chrysalis Stage
  6. Dreaming Of Oblivion
  7. The Times We Bleed (Closure)
  8. Cold On My Side
  9. Completion
  • Petri Eskelinen
  • Henri Villberg
  • Tomi Ullgren
  • Aleksi Ahokas
  • Samu Ruotsalainen

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