Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Spanish retro thrash! Yes, Redimoni are another of the hordes of youngsters sprouting out of the ground and aiming to relive the glory days of thrash. The band actually dates back to 2000, the boys finally getting around to recording in 2005 with an EP and a later LP in 2008. This is speedy thrash, bordering on crossover at times, energetic as expected but not without a touch of inventiveness in the songwriting department. The vocals might be an acquired taste -- a high-pitched shriek that at times sounds a bit strained. And what's with the goofy overblown member names like "Thy Mighty Apocalyptic Hermit Foreteller of Doom" (that's the vocalist/guitarist)? All in all, though, this isn't bad at all -- no idea what kind of underground thrash scene exists in Spain these days, but retro thrash doesn't seem to be going away for awhile yet and so Redimoni fits right in with the best of them.


(EP) The Onset Of Chaos 
2005 Witches Brew
  1. Desperta Ferro
  2. Defenestration
  3. Crawling Ghouls
  4. MetalHeart
  5. Set Fire to their Lands
  6. The Harvesters
  7. Terminating Rain
  8. The Seven Plagues Unleashed

Into The Coiling Arms Of Mayhem 
2008 Witches Brew
  1. Infernal
  2. Straight To Hell
  3. Shah Mat
  4. Sovereign Of The Great Beyond
  5. Chaos Panzerblast
  6. Wrath Wars
  7. Nail Maniac
  8. Castles Of Damnation
  9. Hellís Ascension
  10. Lords Of Pestilence
  11. To The Death
  12. Irongoat
  13. Riding To Battle


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