Origin: England
Genres: Traditional Metal

Son Of A Bitch  

Son Of A Bitch was the original name of Saxon back in the late 70's, and in fact that is exactly where this band takes its name from, as this band was founded by the original Saxon duo of Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson, with another early Saxon member (drummer Pete Gill) along for the ride, the trio all leaving Saxon at various times over the years. Not surprisingly, Saxon is a prime reference point here, though vocalist American vocalist Ted Bullet doesn't sound much like Biff Byford. Following their one album (Victim You, in 1996) a modified lineup attempted to rename themselves as Saxon, resulting in a long legal battle that was eventually won by Biff's boys. As a result, Oliver and Dawson were allowed to name their band as Oliver/Dawson Saxon, and under that name a few albums (most, if not all, live albums) have been released.

Current Members

Ted Bullet

vocals (ex-Thunderhead)

Graham Oliver

guitars (ex-Saxon)

Haydn Conway


Steve Dawson

bass (ex-Saxon)

Pete Gill

drums (ex-Motorhead, ex-Saxon)


Victim You 
1996 Saraya
  1. Bitch of a Place to Be
  2. Drivin' Sideways
  3. Past the Point
  4. No One's Gettin' Over
  5. Treacherous Times
  6. Love Your Misery
  7. I Still Care
  8. Old School
  9. More For Me
  10. Evil Sweet Evil
  11. Victim You
  • Ted Bullet
  • Graham Oliver
  • Haydn Conway
  • Steve Dawson
  • Pete Gill

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