Origin: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Genres: 80's Metal
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Sacred Blade  

Emerging from Vancouver in the early eighties, Sacred Blade went the usual route of recording demos and gaining an underground reputation, appeared on a Metal Massacre compilation, and finally releasing the excellent Of The Sun And Moon album in 1986, one of the great gems of pure 80's metal. With sci-fi lyrical themes and a speed/power style that was familiar yet quite original, the album has stood the test of time as a classic of the underground 80's metal scene. Various recordings were made towards the release of a second album which was rumored to be called The Seven Moonz Of Xercez, but the album never materialized (though bootleg copies of the demo circulated for years later) and the band seemingly disappeared. Though the band never officially recorded that second album, they survived for many years afterward, as founder Jeff Ulmer and new drummer Ted Zawadzki put out a new album in 2005, featuring many re-recorded songs from Of The Sun And Moon along with new songs, under the name Othyrworld. Sadly, Ulmer passed away in March of 2013, officially putting the legacy of this band to rest.

Current Members

Jeff Ulmer

guitars/vocals (ex-Othyrworld) RIP: March 22, 2013

Will Rascan

rhythm guitar

James Channing


Paul Davis



Of The Sun And Moon 
1986 Black Dragon
  1. Ayltuthus
  2. Of The Sun + Moon
  3. Fieldz The Sunshrine
  4. Salem
  5. The Reign Of Night Rainz
  6. Legacy
  7. To Lunar Winds
  8. The Enlightenment
  9. Master Of The Sun
  10. The Pressing
  11. In Light Of The Moon
  12. Moon
  • Jeff Ulmer
  • Will Rascan
  • James Channing
  • Paul Davis
1986 BNR Top Ten album


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