Origin: Bethel, CT, USA
Genres: 80's Metal
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Sacred Oath  

Sacred Oath managed one album in their initial career, releasing the Iron Maiden-inspired A Crystal Vision in 1988. The band was short-lived (in fact, due to delays with the record label, the band had actually broken up by the time the album finally saw the light of day), but the original lineup reformed in 1998 to re-record that album, resulting in A Crystal Revision. Finally, the band released their second proper album, Darkness Visible, in April 2007.

Current Members

Rob Thorne


Bill Smith


Brendan Kelleher


Kenny Evans


Former Members/Guests

Glen Cruciani


Pete Altieri


Lou Liotta


Scott Waite



A Crystal Vision 
1987 Mercenary
  1. Two Powers
  2. The Ferryman's Lair
  3. Message To The Children
  4. The Beginning
  5. Rising From The Grave
  6. a Crystal Vision
  7. Magick Son
  8. Shadow Out Of Time
  9. The Omen
  10. The Reign
  • Rob Thorne
  • Glen Cruciani
  • Pete Altieri
  • Kenny Evans

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A Crystal Revision 
1998 independent
  1. The End
  2. Two Powers
  3. The Omen
  4. Message to the Children
  5. A Crystal Vision
  6. Magick Son
  7. The Beginning
  8. The Invocation
  9. Shadow Out Of Time
  10. The Ferryman's Lair
  11. Rising From The Grave
  • Rob Thorne
  • Glen Cruciani
  • Pete Altieri
  • Kenny Evans

Darkness Visible 
2007 Sentinel Steel
  1. Words Upon the Stone
  2. Battle Cry
  3. Queen of the Night
  4. Darkness Visible
  5. Prophecy
  6. Calm Before the Storm
  7. Unholy Man
  8. Death Is Inevitable
  9. Beyond the Edge of the Flame
  10. The Golden Dawn
  • Rob Thorne
  • Bill Smith
  • Lou Liotta
  • Kenny Evans

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'Till Death Do Us Part 
2008 self-released
  1. Two Powers
  2. The Omen
  3. A Crystal Vision
  4. Queen Of The Night
  5. Magick Son
  6. Prophecy
  7. Words Upon The Stone
  8. The Ferryman's Lair
  9. Battle Cry
  10. Rising From The Grave
  • Rob Thorne
  • Bill Smith
  • Scott Waite
  • Kenny Evans

Sacred Oath 
  1. Paradise Lost
  2. Blood Storm
  3. Voodoo Dolls
  4. Buried Alive
  5. Counting Zeros
  6. Caught In The Arc
  7. High And Mighty
  8. Sacred Oath
  9. Scourge Of Sin
  10. Hunt For The Fallen Angel
  11. Sacred Oath (digipack bonus)
  12. What The Dark Will Undo (digipack bonus)
  13. Scourge Of Sin (digipack bonus)
  14. Hunt For The Fallen Angel (digipack bonus)
  • Rob Thorne
  • Bill Smith
  • Scott Waite
  • Kenny Evans

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World On Fire 
2010 iTunes
  1. Sweet Agony
  2. Meet Your Maker
  3. The King Must Die
  4. Sandrider
  5. Front Line
  6. Face of Evil
  7. Drums of War
  8. Revolution
  9. When the War is Over
  10. On Death Row
  11. World On Fire
  • Rob Thorne
  • Bill Smith
  • Brendan Kelleher
  • Kenny Evans

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