Origin: Italy
Genres: Death Metal


Formed by drummer Peso following the initial breakup of Necrodeath (indeed, this band was somewhat of a continuation of that band, and originally the band name was Necrosadist), Sadist is one of the odder entities in the death metal world. Often labelled as "technical death metal", it appears that only the debut, 1993's Above The Light, really fits that description. 1996's Tribe begins the journey into weirdness, featuring prominent keyboards in ways very rarely associated with death metal, and while the vocals and some riffing still retain a deathy edge, it was clear that even at this point these guys were trying to be different. By 2000, though, the guys were really starting to explore uncharted territory, as evidenced by Lego, an album as odd as its name and cover pic would suggest. No longer having anything to do with death metal, Lego is an odd blend of shouted vocals, angular keyboards, mid-paced sparse riffing, and a general off-the-wall mentality. Surely some might welcome something that dared to be different as this, but older fans didn't like it, the reviews were mixed at best, and as a result the album was deemed a failure and the band split up. It would not be until 2005 that the foursome came back together, finally releasing a new album, entitled simply Sadist, in 2007, returning to a more conventional prog death metal style.

Current Members


vocals (Allhelluja)

Tommy Talamanca


Andy Marchini

bass/vocals (ex-Dark Lunacy)



Former Members/Guests





Peso (Marco Pesenti)

drums (Necrodeath)


drums (ex-Thy Nature)


Above The Light 
1993 Nosferatu
  1. Nadir
  2. Breathin' Cancer
  3. Enslaver Of Lies
  4. Sometimes They Come Back
  5. Hell In Myself
  6. Desert Divinities
  7. Sadist
  8. Happiness 'N' Sorrow
  • Tommy Talamanca
  • Andy Marchini
  • Peso

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1996 Rising Sun
  1. Escogido
  2. India
  3. From Bellatrix To Betelgeuse
  4. Den Siste Kamp
  5. Tribe
  6. Spiral Of Winter Ghosts
  7. The Ninth Wave
  8. The Reign Of Asmat
  • Zanna
  • Tommy Talamanca
  • Chico
  • Peso

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1997 Displeased
  1. Perversion Lust Orgasm
  2. The path
  3. 'Fools' and Dolts
  4. Holy...
  5. Ovariotomy
  6. Instinct
  7. Obsession-compulsion
  8. Crust
  9. I Rape you
  10. Christmas Beat
  11. Take on Me
  12. Relax
  • Trevor
  • Tommy Talamanca
  • Andy Marchini
  • Oinos

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2000 KMG
  1. *
  2. a tender fable
  3. it's not good
  4. meat
  5. flies on me
  6. fog
  7. plastic star
  8. flowing out red
  9. i want it
  10. welcome to my zoo
  11. small great child
  12. dodgy fuckin cow
  13. deline
  14. dogs sledge man
  15. cappuccetto grosso
  • Trevor
  • Tommy Talamanca
  • Andy Marchini
  • Oinos

2007 Beyond
  1. Jagriti
  2. One Thousand Memories
  3. I Feel You Climb
  4. Embracing The Form of Life
  5. Tearing Away
  6. Kopto
  7. Excited And Desirous
  8. Different Melodies
  9. Invisible
  10. Hope To Be Deaf
  11. Sadist
  • Trevor
  • Tommy Talamanca
  • Andy Marchini
  • Alessio

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Season In Silence 
2010 Liveglobal
  1. Aput
  2. Broken and Reborn
  3. Season in Silence
  4. The Attic and the World of Emotions
  5. Evil Birds
  6. Ogron
  7. Night Owl
  8. Snowman
  9. Bloody Cold Winter
  10. The Abyss
  11. Frozen Hands
  12. Hiberna
  • Trevor
  • Tommy Talamanca
  • Andy Marchini
  • Alessio


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