Origin: Newcastle, England
Genres: NWOBHM


Though Satan is regarded as one of the better metal bands to emerge from England after the peak of the NWOBHM, theirs is really a case of "deserved better". Their style of technical power metal was not in vogue in their country at the time, and their very name was misrepresentative of their style and image, so much so that they felt the need to change it no less than three times, in a constant struggle to define themselves. Rising up through the British local scene in the early 80's, they acquired standout vocalist Brian Ross from Blitzkrieg in time for their excellent debut, Court In The Act. But this formation did not last long, as two years later the band changed to Blind Fury with a new vocalist, releasing one album under that name that is noticeably different in style from anything else they'd done before or since. Back to Satan two years later, another vocalist change, and in 1987 the fine Suspended Sentence album was released. Finally, they put the Satan name to rest for good, keeping the same lineup but changing to Pariah, where they survived for a few more years before giving it up. Ross revived hs old band Blitzkrieg, while the guitarists and bassist later went on to Skyclad. Finally, in 2011 the band came back together for a few one-off shows, and now are set to release a new album in 2013.

Current Members

Brian Ross

vocals (Blitzkrieg)

Steve Ramsey

guitars (Blind Fury, Pariah, Skyclad)

Russ Tippins

guitars (Blind Fury, Pariah)

Graeme English

bass (Blind Fury, Pariah, Skyclad)

Sean Taylor

drums (Blind Fury, Blitzkrieg, Pariah)

Former Members/Guests

Michael Jackson

vocals (Pariah)


Court In The Act 
1983 Roadrunner
  1. Into The Fire
  2. Trial By Fire
  3. Blades Of Steel
  4. No Turning Back
  5. Broken Treaties
  6. Break Free
  7. Hunt You Down
  8. The Ritual
  9. Dark Side Of Innocence
  10. Alone In The Dark
  • Brian Ross
  • Steve Ramsey
  • Russ Tippins
  • Graeme English
  • Sean Taylor

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(EP) Into The Future 
1987 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Key To Oblivion
  2. Hear Evil, See Evil, Speak Evil
  3. Fuck You
  4. Iceman
  • Michael Jackson
  • Steve Ramsey
  • Russ Tippins
  • Graeme English
  • Sean Taylor

Suspended Sentence 
1987 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. 92nd Symphony
  2. Who Dies Wins
  3. 11th Commandment
  4. Suicidal Justice
  5. Vandal
  6. S.C.U.M.
  7. Avalanche Of A Million Hearts
  8. Calculated Execution
  • Michael Jackson
  • Steve Ramsey
  • Russ Tippins
  • Graeme English
  • Sean Taylor
1987 BNR Top Ten album

Live In The Act  LIVE
2004 Metal Nation
  1. Trial by Fire
  2. No Turning Back
  3. Heads Will Roll
  4. Hunt You Down
  5. Pull the Trigger
  6. Break Free
  7. Blades of Steel
  8. The Ritual
  9. Kiss of Death
  10. Oppression
  11. The Executioner
  12. Blitzkrieg
  13. Dynamo
  14. Kiss of Death
  15. Heads Will Roll
  • Brian Ross
  • Steve Ramsey
  • Russ Tippins
  • Graeme English
  • Sean Taylor

Life Sentence 
2013 Listenable
  1. Time To Die
  2. Twenty Twenty Five
  3. Cenotaph
  4. Siege Mentality
  5. Incantations
  6. Testimony
  7. Tears Of Blood
  8. Life Sentence
  9. Personal Demons
  10. Another Universe
  • Brian Ross
  • Steve Ramsey
  • Russ Tippins
  • Graeme English
  • Sean Taylor

Into The Fire / Kiss Of Death  COMPILATION

The Early Demos  COMPILATION
  1. Kiss Of Death
  2. Heads Will Roll
  3. Oppression
  4. The Executioner
  5. Into The Fire
  6. Trial By Fire
  7. Blades Of Steel
  8. No Turning Back
  9. Break Free
  10. Pull The Trigger
  11. The Ritual
  12. Blades Of Steel (live at Earthquake Festival)
  13. No Turning Back (live at Earthquake Festival)
  14. Pull The Trigger (live at Earthquake Festival)


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