Origin: Norway
Genres: Black Metal
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Satyricon remains one of the most important and influential Norwegian black metal bands, building a solid base with their first few albums and then breaking the bank with Rebel Extravanganza, an album that truly attempted to stretch the boundaries of traditional black metal. Though the band has mostly been a duo comprised of Satyr and Frost, the list of musicians that have contributed to Satyricon, either in the studio or live, comprises a who's who of Norwegian black metal, linking Satyricon to practically every other Norwegian black metal band of note. These musicians include (far from a complete list) Tchort of Green Carnation, Cyrus of Susperia, Tyr of Borknagar, Neddo of Cadaver, Snorre Ruch of Thorns, Sverd of Arcturus, several members of Gehenna, Ivar Peerson of Enslaved, and many, many more.

Current Members

Satyr (Sigurd Wongraven)

vocals/guitars/bass (ex-Storm)

Frost (Kjetil Haraldstad)

drums (1349, Gehenna, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-Keep Of Kalessin, Ov Hell, ex-Zyklon-B)

Former Members/Guests

Samoth (Tomas Haugen)

guitars (ex-Arcturus, ex-Burzum, Emperor, ex-Gorgoroth, Scum, The Wretched End, ex-Zyklon, ex-Zyklon-B)

Kveldulv (Ted Skjellum)

guitars (Darkthrone)


Dark Medieval Times 
1994 Moonfog
  1. Walk the Path of Sorrow
  2. Dark Medieval Times
  3. Skyggedans
  4. Min Myllest Til Vinterland
  5. Into the Mighty Forest
  6. The Dark Castle In the Deep Forest
  7. Taareslottet
  • Satyr
  • Frost

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The Shadowthrone 
1995 Moonfog
  1. Hvite krists dod
  2. In the mist by the hills
  3. Woods to eternity
  4. Vikingland
  5. Dominions of satyricon
  6. The king of the shadowthrone
  7. I en svart kiste
  • Satyr
  • Frost
  • Samoth

The Forest Is My Throne (split w/ Enslaved) 
1995 Moonfog
  1. Black Winds
  2. The Forest Is My Throne
  3. Min Hyllest Til Vinterland
  4. The Night Of The Triumphator
  • Satyr
  • Frost

Nemesis Divina 
1996 Moonfog
  1. The dawn of a new age
  2. Forhekset
  3. Morther north
  4. Du som hater gud
  5. Immortality passion
  6. Nemesis divina
  7. Transcendental requiem of slaves
  • Satyr
  • Frost
  • Kveldulv

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(EP) Megiddo 
1996 Moonfog
  1. The Dawn Of A New Age (remix)
  2. Night Of Divine Power
  3. Forhekset
  4. Orgasmatron
  • Satyr
  • Frost

(EP) Intermezzo II 
1999 Moonfog
  1. A Moment Of Clarity
  2. Inri
  3. Nemesis Divina
  4. Blessed From Below
  • Satyr
  • Frost

Rebel Extravaganza 
1999 Nuclear Blast
  1. Tied in bronze chains
  2. Filthgrinder
  3. Rhapsody in filth
  4. Havoc vulture
  5. Prime evil resistance
  6. Supersonic journey
  7. End of journey
  8. A moment of clarity
  9. Down south, up north
  10. The scorn torrent
  • Satyr
  • Frost

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Roadkill Extravaganza 
2001 Moonfog

Ten Horns - Ten Diadems 
2002 Capitol
  1. Filthgrinder
  2. Dominions Of Satyricon
  3. Forhekset
  4. Night Of Divine Power
  5. Hvite Krists Død
  6. Mother North
  7. Supersonic Journey
  8. Taakeslottet
  9. Serpent's Rise
  10. Repined Bastard Nation
  • Satyr
  • Frost

2002 Capitol
  1. With Ravenous Hunger
  2. Angstridden
  3. Fuel For Hatred
  4. Suffering The Tyrants
  5. Possessed
  6. Repined Bastard Nation
  7. Mental Mercury
  8. Black Lava
  • Satyr
  • Frost
2002 BNR Top Ten album

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Now, Diabolical 
2006 Roadrunner
  1. Now, Diabolical
  2. K.I.N.G.
  3. The Pentagram Burns
  4. A New Enemy
  5. The Rite Of Our Cross
  6. That Darkness Shall Be Eternal
  7. Delirium
  8. To The Mountains
  • Satyr
  • Frost

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(EP) My Skin Is Cold 
2008 Roadrunner
  1. My Skin is Cold
  2. Live Through Me (Re-mastered)
  3. Existential Fear-Questions (Re-mastered)
  4. Repined Bastard Nation (Live w/orchestra)
  5. Mother North (Live w/orchestra)
  • Satyr
  • Frost

The Age Of Nero 
2008 Roadrunner
  1. Commando
  2. The Wolfpack
  3. Black Crow On A Tombstone
  4. Die By My Hand
  5. My Skin Is Cold (album version)
  6. The Sign Of The Trident
  7. Last Man Standing
  8. Den Siste
  • Satyr
  • Frost

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2013 Roadrunner
  1. Voice Of Shadows
  2. Tro Og Kraft
  3. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
  4. Nocturnal Flare
  5. Phoenix
  6. Walker Upon The Wind
  7. Nekrohaven
  8. Ageless Northern Spirit
  9. The Infinity Of Time And Space
  10. Natt
  11. Voice of Shadows
  12. Tro og kraft
  13. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
  14. Nocturnal Flare
  15. Phoenix
  16. Walker upon the Wind
  17. Nekrohaven
  18. Ageless Northern Spirit
  19. The Infinity of Time and Space
  20. Natt
  • Satyr
  • Frost

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Live At The Opera  LIVE
2015 Roadrunner
  1. Voice of Shadows
  2. Now, Diabolical
  3. Repined Bastard Nation
  4. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
  5. Nocturnal Flare
  6. Die by My Hand
  7. Tro og kraft
  8. Phoenix
  9. Den Siste
  10. The Infinity of Time and Space
  11. To the Mountains
  12. The Pentagram Burns
  13. Mother North
  14. K.I.N.G


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