Origin: Hungary
Genres: Black Metal
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Sear Bliss  

Sear Bliss has been been a mainstay in the Hungarian underground scene for well over a decade, the brainchild of vocalist/bassist Andras Nagy who formed the band back in 1993. Essentially, their style is rooted in black metal (Nagy's vocals, in particular, are classic black in nature), with some gothic undertones to give the songs a bit of a majestic feeling. The most distinguishing feature of this band, without question, is their use of horns, as they employ a trombonist as a full-time member (and previously, a trumpeter) and feature horns frequently throughout their songs. Though at times the horn interludes seem forced, they are a nice contrast, and a clear originality factor. Their inclusion has understandable turned off some, but others (this listener included) welcome their uniqueness.

Current Members

András Nagy


János Barbarics


Csaba Csejtei


Olivér Ziskó


Balazs Bruszel


Former Members/Guests

István Neubrandt


Viktor Max Scheer


András Horváth


Péter Kovács


Winter (guest)


Tamás Kondor (guest)


Zoltán Csejtei


Zoltán Schönberger


Gergely Szücs


Róbert Pintér


Zoltán Pál


Árpád Lóránth



1996 Two Moons
  1. Winter Voices
  2. Far Above the Trees
  3. Aeons of Desolation
  4. 1100 Years Ago
  5. As the Bliss is Burning
  6. Land of the Phantoms
  7. Beyond the Darkness
  8. With Mournful Eyes
  • András Nagy
  • János Barbarics
  • Csaba Csejtei
  • Winter
  • Zoltán Csejtei
  • Gergely Szücs

The Pagan Winter 
1997 Two Moons
  1. Ancient
  2. The Pagan Winter
  3. ...Where the Darkness Always Reigned
  4. Twilight
  5. In the Shadow of Another World
  • András Nagy
  • János Barbarics
  • Csaba Csejtei
  • Winter
  • Zoltán Csejtei
  • Gergely Szücs

The Haunting 
1998 Two Moons
  1. Tunnels of Vision
  2. Hell Within
  3. Land of Silence
  4. Unholy Dance
  5. Soulless
  6. The Haunting
  7. Left in the Dark
  • András Nagy
  • János Barbarics
  • Viktor Max Scheer
  • Zoltán Schönberger
  • Gergely Szücs

Grand Destiny 
2001 Nephilim
  1. The Slowing of Time
  2. The World Beyond
  3. Death in Torment
  4. Arx Idolatriae
  5. Labyrinth of Pain
  6. Hate Blade
  7. Black Heart
  8. God Man
  9. Moments of Falling
  10. Infinitude
  • András Nagy
  • István Neubrandt
  • András Horváth
  • Tamás Kondor
  • Zoltán Schönberger
  • Róbert Pintér
  • Zoltán Pál

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Forsaken Symphony 
2002 Red Stream
  1. Last Stand
  2. My Journey To The Stars
  3. She Will Return
  4. The Vanishing
  5. The Forsaken
  6. When Death Comes
  7. Eternal Battlefields
  8. Enthralling Mystery
  9. The Hour Of Burning
  • András Nagy
  • István Neubrandt
  • Csaba Csejtei
  • Olivér Ziskó
  • Zoltán Schönberger
  • Zoltán Pál
  • Árpád Lóránth

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Glory And Perdition 
2004 Red Stream
  1. Birth of Eternity
  2. Reverie
  3. Night Journey
  4. Glory to Perdition
  5. Two Worlds Collide
  6. Ode to a Dying Star
  7. Shores of Death
  8. Dreams Spectre
  9. Blood Serenade
  10. Lacus Somniorum
  • András Nagy
  • István Neubrandt
  • Csaba Csejtei
  • Zoltán Schönberger
  • Zoltán Pál

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The Arcane Odyssey 
2007 Candlelight
  1. Blood On The Milky Way
  2. A Deathly Illusion
  3. Lost And Not Found
  4. Thorns of Deception
  5. The Venomous Grace
  6. Omen of Doom
  7. Somewhere
  8. Path To The Motherland
  • András Nagy
  • István Neubrandt
  • Péter Kovács
  • Zoltán Schönberger
  • Zoltán Pál

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Eternal Recurrence 
2012 Candlelight
  1. The Eternal Quest
  2. Ballad of the Shipwrecked
  3. Great Cosmic Disorder
  4. A Lost Cause
  5. The New Era of Darkness
  6. There's No Shadow Without Light
  7. Entering the Seventh Gate
  • András Nagy
  • János Barbarics
  • Csaba Csejtei
  • Olivér Ziskó
  • Balazs Bruszel

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