Origin: San Francisco, CA, USA
Genres: Doom Metal, Stoner Rock
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Several years after their demise, Sleep is still highly regarded as a standout underground stoner/doom band. After a little-known debut entited Volume One, their second album, Sleep's Holy Mountain, scored critical and fan acclaim for it's doomy, Sabbath-styled riffing, reminiscient of the Hellhound bands at the time. Their next album was intended to be a single, hour-long ode to weed, named Dopesmoker. An early version of the album was recorded, but their new record label (London) was not pleased with it and refused to release it. A slightly shorter, somewhat cleaned-up version was also recorded, with new lyrics and a new name, Jerusalem. London still wouldn't release the album, the band promptly folded, and in 1999 a posthumous release was secured by Rise Above and The Music Cartel. An 60+ minute dronefest, the song/album definitely isn't for everyone but still is regarded as a classic by many. Following their breakup, guitarist Matt Pike formed High On Fire while the rhythm section duo put together Om. Four years later, the original version of Dopesmoker was released by Teepee.

Current Members

Al Cisneros

bass/vocals (Om)

Matt Pike

guitars (High On Fire)

Chris Hakius

drums (ex-Om)

Former Members/Guests

Justin Marler



Volume One 
1991 Tupelo
  1. Stillborn
  2. The Suffering
  3. Numb
  4. Anguish
  5. Catatonic
  6. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
  7. The Wall Of Yawn
  8. Prey
  • Al Cisneros
  • Matt Pike
  • Justin Marler
  • Chris Hakius

Sleep's Holy Mountain 
1992 Earache
  1. Dragonaut
  2. The Druid
  3. Evil Gypsy / Solomon's Theme
  4. Some Grass
  5. Aquarian
  6. Holy Mountain
  7. Inside The Sun
  8. From Beyond
  9. Rain's Baptism
  • Al Cisneros
  • Matt Pike
  • Chris Hakius

1999 Music Cartel
  1. Jerusalem
  • Al Cisneros
  • Matt Pike
  • Chris Hakius

2003 Teepee
  1. Dopesmoker
  2. Sonic Titan (live)
  • Al Cisneros
  • Matt Pike
  • Chris Hakius

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