Origin: Chicago, IL, USA
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Superchrist have apparently been toiling in the Chicago scene for a number of years, but have not made a lot of international (or even national) headway yet. On their fifth album, the appropriately titled Headbanger, the guys deliver what can only be called no-frills metal. The songs are upbeat and accessible without pandering to commercialism or trying for radio airplay. There's a healthy dose of newer Motorhead, both musically and in the vocal department (Chris Black doesn't quite have the gruff voice of Lemmy, but he often sings like Lemmy, if that makes sense), and there's also plenty of nods to the past (a NWOBHM flavor permeates throughout) though this doesn't really sound like a retro act. There's nothing complicated here, and very little that's current or trendy, but there's an infectiousness here that makes this a good listen.

Current Members

Chris Black

vocals/bass (Aktor, ex-Dawnbringer, High Spirits, ex-Nachtmystium, Pharaoh)

Hank Bitchlover (Jeffrey Sealy)


Ian Sugierski


Former Members/Guests

Eddie Winter





Dark & Dirty 
  1. To Hell and Black
  2. Old Fast and Hard
  3. Favorite Child of a Lesser God
  4. Make You Famous
  5. Thunderpants
  6. Julie Killed Jerry
  7. Cops on Fire
  8. Your Girlfriend
  9. Brown Eye Sees All
  10. Stand Up and Shit
  • Chris Black
  • Hank Bitchlover
  • Whorepuncher

Back & Black 
  1. Stand Up and Shit
  2. I am Your Hero
  3. Black Power
  4. Old Fast and Hard
  5. Thunderpants
  6. Poison
  7. Fuck You Twice
  8. Frano Fucked Yoko Ono
  9. Julie Killed Jesus
  10. The Trooper
  11. Make You Famous
  • Chris Black
  • Hank Bitchlover
  • Whorepuncher

South Of Hell 
  1. Running Free
  2. Hurry Up and Bleed
  3. None For You
  4. She’d Look Better (With a Black Eye)
  5. Aim Low
  6. Strangers in the Night
  7. Brown Eye Sees All
  8. Drink or Drown
  9. Metropolis
  10. Don’t Ride With Superchrist
  • Chris Black
  • Hank Bitchlover
  • Eddie Winter
  • Whorepuncher

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Heavy Metal Tonight  LIVE
  1. Hurry Up and Bleed
  2. Stand Up and Shit
  3. Aim Low
  4. Frano Fucked Yoko Ono
  5. James Dean’s Car (Black Widow)
  6. Cops on Fire
  7. Julie Killed Jesus
  8. Old Fast and Hard
  9. Strangers in the Night
  10. To Hell and Black
  11. Favorite Child of a Lesser God
  12. Fuck You Twice
  13. Make You Famous
  • Chris Black
  • Hank Bitchlover
  • Whorepuncher

  1. Black is Beautiful
  2. Built for Sin
  3. Electric Penis
  4. My Way is the Law
  5. Bloody Hell
  6. Fuck Like a Priest
  7. Wipe You Out
  8. Make Them Die
  9. Eat the Evidence
  10. No Color
  • Chris Black
  • Eddie Winter
  • Ian Sugierski

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Defenders Of The Filth 
  1. Stay Black
  2. Evil Essence
  3. Same Old Shit
  4. Peace of Ass
  5. Infernal City
  6. Take You Out
  7. Still Not Drunk Enough
  8. High & Mighty
  9. Fuck With Your Boots On
  10. Black Skulls
  • Chris Black
  • Eddie Winter
  • Ian Sugierski

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(EP) Black Magical Circle Of Witches 
  1. Black Magical Circle of Witches
  2. Evil Essence
  3. Ladycutter
  • Chris Black
  • Hank Bitchlover
  • Ian Sugierski

Burn Again  LIVE
2011 independent
  1. Hot Tonight
  2. No Color
  3. Black Is Beautiful
  4. Peace of Ass
  5. Fucked in the Face (Again)
  6. Fuck Like a Priest
  7. Electric Penis
  8. Old, Fast and Hard
  9. Built for Sin
  10. Hurry Up and Bleed
  11. None for You
  12. Baby Blood
  13. Burn Again
  14. Fuck You Twice
  15. Black Skulls
  16. Good Head (Turbonegro cover)
  17. Aim Low
  • Chris Black
  • Hank Bitchlover
  • Ian Sugierski

Holy Shit 
2012 Hell's Headbangers
  1. Run to the Night
  2. Take Me to the Graveyard
  3. Hot Tonight
  4. Get Lost
  5. Burn Again
  6. Black Thunder
  7. PAMF
  8. Fucked in the Face (Again)
  9. Don't Wanna Know
  10. Sewer Snake
  11. Beer Metal
  • Chris Black
  • Hank Bitchlover
  • Ian Sugierski

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