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Throne Of Chaos  

If nothing else, Throne Of Chaos is proving to be a difficult band to categorize. That surely wasn't the case after their debut. That album, Menace And Prayer, drew frequent (and justified) claims of Children Of Bodom worship, practically to the point of labelling the band as COB clones. On album #2, Pervertigo, the band recruited two session vocalists, neither of whom sang in the COB style, and that would have been enough reason to drop the COB soundalike tag, but the music also broadened, adding progressive and traditional metal elements, resulting in a more diverse album, harder to pin down in style, and one that deserves high marks for maturity.

Finally, there's the third album, 2003's Loss Angeles, and once again the band has shifted noticeably. Gone, almost completely, are any traces of their early style, replaced by a more pronounced progressive metal slant, along with power metal, a little thrash, and even a slight jazzy edge. Thrown into the mix is an odd speed metal cover of the Deep Purple classic "Smoke On The Water", which sounds nothing like the original, nor like anything else on the album. This is one of the most diverse pure metal albums heard in some time. Kudos to the band for recording three very different albums in their career thus far, a feat very few bands attempt.

Current Members

Tuomas Nieminen


Taneli Kiljunen


Joiku Harmaja


Rasmus Nora


Carl Sjöblom


Teemu Laitinen

drums (Divercia, Thy Serpent)

Former Members/Guests

Pasi Nykänen


Niklas Isfeldt

vocals (Dream Evil)


Menace And Prayer 
2000 Spinefarm
  1. From Clarity to Insanity
  2. The Scaffold Scenario
  3. Cold Bits of Fire
  4. Bloodstained Prophecy
  5. Menace and Prayer
  6. Synthetia
  7. Opus Void
  8. Divanity
  • Taneli Kiljunen
  • Joiku Harmaja
  • Rasmus Nora
  • Carl Sjöblom
  • Teemu Laitinen

2002 Spinefarm
  1. Johnny B. Dead
  2. Pervertigo
  3. The System
  4. No Nothing
  5. Fistfucking And Alienseed
  6. Truth And Tragedy
  7. Sleep
  8. Reason To Be
  9. Game
  • Pasi Nykänen
  • Niklas Isfeldt
  • Taneli Kiljunen
  • Joiku Harmaja
  • Rasmus Nora
  • Carl Sjöblom
  • Teemu Laitinen

Reviews:   Chronicles Of Chaos  Metal Observer 

Loss Angeles 
2003 Spinefarm
  1. The Window
  2. Mary Lou Is Dead
  3. Acid Highway
  4. Gothamburg
  5. Blue Lady
  6. Wait
  7. The Blue Lady Suite
  8. Break-a-Neck
  9. Bite the Bullet
  10. Smoke on the Water
  • Tuomas Nieminen
  • Taneli Kiljunen
  • Joiku Harmaja
  • Rasmus Nora
  • Carl Sjöblom
  • Teemu Laitinen


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