Origin: New York, NY, USA
Genres: 80's Metal

TT Quick  

A popular club band in the New York area, TT Quick has long been known for their anthemic power metal laced with flashy guitar work. Their debut EP for the then-fledgling Megaforce label hinted at great things to come, and the Metal Of Honor album showed some progress, but the band stalled popularity-wise after that, disbanding in 1987. Since then they have reunited sporadically over the years, with their last reunion resulting in 2000's Ink album.

Current Members

Mark Tornillo

vocals (Accept)

Dave DiPietro

guitars (ex-Nuclear Assault)

Walt Fortune


Erik Ferro


Former Members/Guests

Glenn Evans

drums (Nuclear Assault)


(EP) TT Quick 
1984 Megaforce
  1. Go For The Throat
  2. Fortunate Son
  3. Child Of Sin
  4. Metal Man
  5. Victims
  • Mark Tornillo
  • Dave DiPietro
  • Walt Fortune
  • Glenn Evans

Metal Of Honor 
1986 Island
  1. Metal Of Honor
  2. Front Burner
  3. Hard As A Rock
  4. Child Of Sin
  5. Asleep At The Wheel
  6. Come Beat The Band
  7. Hell To Pay
  8. Queen Of The Scene
  9. Glad All Over
  10. Siren Song
  • Mark Tornillo
  • Dave DiPietro
  • Walt Fortune
  • Erik Ferro

Sloppy Seconds 
1989 Halycon
  1. Eye Of The Storm
  2. Deliver Me
  3. Save Some For Me
  4. Method Or Madness
  5. Rock You Over
  6. Isolation Booth
  7. White Spots
  8. Rule The World
  • Mark Tornillo
  • Dave DiPietro
  • Walt Fortune
  • Erik Ferro

Thrown Together  LIVE
1992 Halycon
  1. Intro/Kickin' Ass & Talkin' Names
  2. Metal Man
  3. Eye of the Storm
  4. Asleep at the Wheel
  5. Deliver Me
  6. Front Burner
  7. Isolation Booth
  8. Child of Sin
  9. Beat the Band
  10. Metal of Honor
  11. Go for the Throat
  • Mark Tornillo
  • Dave DiPietro
  • Walt Fortune
  • Erik Ferro

2000 Ocean
  1. Ink
  2. Subterrania
  3. Whippin' Time
  4. World on Display
  5. Run
  6. Age of Treachery
  7. Thick As Thieves
  8. Stone Dirt Cowboy
  9. Water Song
  10. Back to the Bottom
  11. Take A Lickin'
  • Mark Tornillo
  • Dave DiPietro
  • Walt Fortune
  • Erik Ferro


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