Origin: Sweden
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Transport League  

This interestingly-named Swedish group, formed in 1994 by vocalist Tony Jelencovich (at that time in another cult Swedish band, B-Thong), had a somewhat intriguing style that's a bit hard to categorize (based on Superevil, the only album reviewed here). The vocals are post-hardcore, often shouted but not without some depth and soul. Musically, there are traces of a heavier Soundgarden, a bit of the non-psychedelic side of Monster Magnet, perhaps some southern metal a la recent Corrosion Of Conformity. Overall a heavy but often surprisingly catchy album. Other reviews indicate that the other albums may not be quite the same style. An intriguing band that had its own niche in the music world but never rose beyond cult status. The band broke up in 2005, with Jelencovich proceeding with a new band, M.A.N, before returning and reforming the League in 2009.

Current Members

Tony Jelencovich

guitars/vocals (ex-Angel Blake, M.A.N)

Peter Hunyadi


Lars Haglund


Mattias Starander


Former Members/Guests

Dan J.


Johan Reiven


Ken Sandin


Fredrik Blomqvist


Patrik Sten

drums (ex-Passenger)

Magnus 155

drums (ex-M.A.N)


Stallion Showcase 
1995 Mascot
  1. Cosmical Satanical
  2. Bolivian Dog
  3. Hell 'n Back
  4. Bloodsucking Superbitch
  5. Amp-Shock
  6. Heading Down
  7. Wants You
  8. Soul
  9. Molotov
  10. Jupiter
  11. Ridebaby
  12. Cosmial Satanical (Reprise)
  13. Bloodsucking Superbitch (Trumpetversion) + Rest
  • Tony Jelencovich
  • Johan Reiven
  • Lars Haglund

1998 Mascot
  1. Lost in the desert of Habib
  2. Proud cuts
  3. Jesus came
  4. Magnetic star
  5. High riding witch
  6. Rotten soil
  7. Filthy old liars
  8. Led poison
  9. Mantha
  10. Bloodblinder
  11. Superevil
  • Tony Jelencovich
  • Peter Hunyadi
  • Ken Sandin
  • Mattias Starander

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Satanic Panic 
2000 Pavement
  1. Hell Predicted
  2. Plague Ship
  3. Neckdraft
  4. Shut To Drown
  5. Man Sized Drain
  6. Tar
  7. Lord Of A Thousand Suns
  8. Psycho Connected
  9. Un-Man Conquer
  10. Last
  11. Creep Provider
  • Tony Jelencovich
  • Peter Hunyadi
  • Ken Sandin
  • Patrik Sten

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(EP) Grand Amputation 
2002 Hoffa
  1. Accessus Adligo...
  2. Lobotomico
  3. Disconnect Massconnect
  4. El Gardo
  5. Slack, Wrist, Smack
  6. Safe (Houdini)
  7. Exitus Adligo...
  • Tony Jelencovich
  • Dan J.
  • Fredrik Blomqvist
  • Magnus 155

Multiple Organ Harvest 
  1. Intro
  2. Lobotomico
  3. Cycle Of Slay
  4. Wrapped Dead Inside
  5. Disconnect Massconnect
  6. The Severed
  7. Safe (Houdini)
  8. El Gordo
  9. Slack, Wrist, Smack
  10. God Taker
  11. Sick Scum
  • Tony Jelencovich
  • Dan J.
  • Fredrik Blomqvist
  • Magnus 155

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Boogie From Hell 
2013 Hoffa
  1. Swing Satanic Swing
  2. Blood Inn
  3. Bitter Sand
  4. Electric Wolf
  5. Holy Motherfucker
  6. Fight Back
  7. Barabbas Venomous
  8. Demon Apparatus
  9. Hi-Octane Slave
  10. Snake Infested Swamp
  11. Doctor Demon
  • Tony Jelencovich
  • Peter Hunyadi
  • Lars Haglund
  • Mattias Starander

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(EP) A Diezel Smelling Aftershock 
2014 Hoffa
  1. King of Doom
  2. A Pork Named Jack
  3. Speedhead


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