Origin: England
Genres: NWOBHM


Trespass seemed to be a can't-miss band from the NWOBHM era. They first appeared on the Metal For Muthas Vol 2 compilation, with their two featured tracks ("One Of These Days" and "Stormchild") clearly the best of the bunch, with a somewhat more melodic take than most of their contemporaries. They did release an EP in 1981 entitled Bright Lights, but after that they seemed to disappear. Eventually it came to light that they had mutated into Blue Blood (and/or Blueblud), by which time they apparently had moved more into the melodic rock genre rather than pursuing anything metallic. In the intervening years a few compilations have surfaced, packaging various demos, radio appearances, and the like. There's also Head, a full-length album released in 1993 of which not a lot is known (curiously, the tracks there don't appear on the compilations). It's too bad this band really didn't get off the ground, as there was great early potential shown. The trio of the Sutcliffe brothers and David Crawte was the core of the band in the early days, but several other players came and went, though who plays on what is unknown.

Current Members

Mark Sutcliffe


Dave Crawte


Paul Sutcliffe



(EP) Bright Lights 
  1. Bright Lights
  2. The Duel
  3. Man And Machine

  1. One Of These Days
  2. Blood Moon
  3. Money
  4. Eight Till Five
  5. Stormchild
  6. Lightsmith
  7. Live It Up
  8. Jealousy
  9. Bounty Hunter
  10. Point Of No Return
  11. Vandetta
  12. It's All Over
  13. Bright Lights
  14. The Duel
  15. Running Out Of Love
  16. Make It Metal

  1. Not Of This World
  2. Hole
  3. Soul Food
  4. I Do Not Say
  5. Junk
  6. Stick In The Sea
  7. Lies
  8. Intrance
  9. Watch The Skies
  10. On The Roof Top

2000 Hellion
  1. One Of These Days
  2. Change Your Mind
  3. Assassin
  4. Live It Up
  5. Visionary
  6. Man And Machine
  7. Life Beat
  8. Rockin' On The Radio
  9. Midnight Hour
  10. Beat Of The Night
  11. Long Way To Hollywood
  12. Hot On Your Heels
  13. Rockin' The Hard Way
  14. Frogeye
  15. Ace Of Spades
  16. Bombay Mix

One Of These Days: The Trespass Anthology  COMPILATION
  1. One Of These Days
  2. Bloody Moon
  3. Frogeye
  4. Bombay Mix
  5. Ace Of Spades
  6. 8 Til 5
  7. Stormchild
  8. Lightsmith
  9. One Of These Days
  10. Live It Up
  11. Change Your Mind
  12. Visionary
  13. Assassins Pts. I & II
  14. Live It Up
  15. Jealousy
  16. Bounty Hunter
  17. Point Of No Return
  18. Vendetta
  19. Bright Lights
  20. The Duel
  21. Man And Machine
  22. Life Beat
  23. It's All Over
  24. Make It Metal
  25. Rockin' On The Radio
  26. Midnight Hour
  27. Long Way To Hollywood
  28. Rockin' The Hard Way
  29. Hot On Your Heels
  30. One Of These Days
  31. Stormchild
  32. Live It Up
  33. Visionary


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