Origin: San Francisco, CA, USA
Genres: Nu-Metal
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Unjust was formed in 1990 by guitarists Paul Mendoza and Russell Tabayoyon, both then just thirteen years old. Throughout the succeeding years the band gigged constantly, receiving much acclaim for the live performances, though being so young did them no favors with the press. Eventually the lineup stabilized and matured and by 1999 they had released their first album, Thin Line Emotions, followed by the more focused, mature Makeshift Grey two years later. Reportedly their sound was squarely in the Bay Area thrash style in their formative years, but by the time of recording their focus had shifted and matured somewhat. Still quite aggressive, their sound might be described as a cross between the heavier, nu-metal sound of, say, latter-day Machine Head and the more eclectic stylings of Faith No More (the latter influences due to the keyboard work and Mendoza's frequent vocal similarities to Mike Patton), with plenty of crunchy guitar riffing and a diverse songwriting style that should bode them well in the future. They released their fourth album (and first in five years), To Lose A Name, in early 2008.

Current Members

Paul Mendoza


Mike Merino


Eric Wong


Brian Palkowski

drums (ex-Nueairea)

Former Members/Guests

Russell Tabayoyon


Thom Tucker



Thin Line Emotions 
1999 Mascot
  1. Filtered
  2. Face Down
  3. Failed
  4. Dead Man
  5. Trench
  6. Searching Eyes
  7. Sucker Punkt
  8. Stained
  9. True
  10. Dark
  11. Rust
  12. Abuse
  • Paul Mendoza
  • Russell Tabayoyon
  • Eric Wong
  • Brian Palkowski

Makeshift Grey 
2001 Mascot
  1. Come Feel Me
  2. Nylon
  3. Stick
  4. Stay Awake
  5. Makeshift Grey
  6. Cherubs Fall
  7. Loud
  8. When This Ends

  9. Shift
  10. The Sik N U
  • Paul Mendoza
  • Russell Tabayoyon
  • Eric Wong
  • Thom Tucker
  • Brian Palkowski

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2003 independent
  1. Paper Planets
  2. Throwin' Pennies
  3. Way Out
  4. Tired
  5. Facepaint
  6. Falling
  7. Meantime
  8. Closure
  9. Knuckles
  10. Naming The Monster
  11. Notes From A Sunday Morning
  12. Capital
  13. Myron
  14. Room 5
  • Paul Mendoza
  • Mike Merino
  • Eric Wong
  • Thom Tucker
  • Brian Palkowski

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To Lose A Name 
2008 self-released
  1. The Cloud Collectors
  2. Home
  3. It's Not Enough
  4. Choose Nothing
  5. Reactions
  6. Wait for Me Now
  7. Do You Really Like...
  8. In Search of a Ghost
  9. The Part
  10. Sweet November
  11. The Red In The Fog
  12. We Be Robots
  • Paul Mendoza
  • Mike Merino
  • Eric Wong
  • Thom Tucker
  • Brian Palkowski


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