Origin: Chicago, IL, USA
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Chicago's Usurper has been grinding it out since the early 90's, when the band was formed, initially as a side project. Their style heralds the best of underground 80's metal, evil and mean, but for prime influences, one need look no further than Celtic Frost. Usurper has nailed the cult Swiss band's sound to a T, from the crushing mean guitar tone to the death grunts that Tom Warrior made famous almost twenty years ago. These guys clearly aren't about innovation or complexity in their music, but their unabashed enthusiasm for all things metal is to be commended, and Twilight Dominion simply crushes. They finally decided to call it a day in September 2007.

Current Members

Tyrantor (Danny Lawson)


Rick Scythe (Rick Sprague)


Carcass Chris


Jon Necromancer


Apocalyptic Warlord (Joe Schafer)


Former Members/Guests

Diabolical Slaughter (Dave Piekarz)


Dave Hellstorm (Dave Chiarella)



1996 VoicesOfWonder
  1. Hypnotic Void
  2. Blood Passion
  3. Fullmoon Harvest
  4. Nulla Sallus Extra Eccelcium
  5. Deep In The Forest
  6. The Infernal Storm
  7. Diabolosis
  8. The Ruins Of Gomorrah
  • Diabolical Slaughter
  • Rick Scythe
  • Jon Necromancer
  • Apocalyptic Warlord

(EP) Threshold Of The Usurper 
1997 Necropolis
  1. Necrocult Part I- The Metal War
  2. Slavehammer
  3. Black Funeral
  4. The Dead Of Winter
  5. Threshold Of The Usurper
  • Diabolical Slaughter
  • Rick Scythe
  • Jon Necromancer
  • Apocalyptic Warlord

Skeletal Season 
1999 Necropolis
  1. Shadowfiend
  2. Dismal Wings Of Terror
  3. Skeletal Season
  4. Embrace Of The Dead
  5. Prowling Death- The Demi Goddess
  6. Cemetarian
  7. Birmstone Fist
  8. Wolflord
  • Diabolical Slaughter
  • Rick Scythe
  • Jon Necromancer
  • Dave Hellstorm

Visions From The Gods 
2000 Earache
  1. Soulstalker .96
  2. Deep In The Forest
  3. Visions From The Gods
  4. Dusk
  5. Soulstalker (Original version)
  6. Charon
  7. Bonefire
  8. Wolflord (Night Stalker version)
  9. Blood Passion (Live)

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2000 Necropolis
  1. The Incubus Breed
  2. Slaughterstorm
  3. In Remembrance
  4. Necronemesis
  5. 1666 AD
  6. Warriors Of Iron And Rust
  7. Deathwish
  8. Full Metal Maelstrom
  9. Funeral Waters
  10. Into The Oblong Box
  11. (Hidden track)
  • Diabolical Slaughter
  • Rick Scythe
  • Jon Necromancer
  • Dave Hellstorm

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Twilight Dominion 
2002 Earache
  1. Metal Lust
  2. The Struggle of Tyrants
  3. She Devil
  4. Lycanthropic
  5. I Am Usurper
  6. Golem
  7. The Descent
  8. Utopian Nightmare
  9. Invincible Overlords
  10. Vatican Time Machine
  11. The Oath of Silence
  12. Perpetual Twilight
  • Diabolical Slaughter
  • Rick Scythe
  • Carcass Chris
  • Jon Necromancer
  • Dave Hellstorm
2002 BNR Top Ten album

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2005 Earache
  1. Bones of My Enemies
  2. Supernatural Killing Spree
  3. Kill for Metal
  4. Conquest of the Grotesque
  5. Ectoplasm
  6. Return of the Werewolf
  7. Reptilian
  8. Cryptobeast
  9. Wrath of God
  10. Warriors of Iron and Rust
  • Tyrantor
  • Rick Scythe
  • Carcass Chris
  • Jon Necromancer
  • Apocalyptic Warlord

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