Origin: Norway
Genres: Black Metal

Ved Buens Ende  

Comprised of three guys who have done some impressive work in other bands, Ved Buens Ende was a rather odd group, playing a somewhat meandering, structureless form of black metal, occasionally hitting the mark but more often coming across as too disjointed. Experimentalism is always good and there seemed to be plenty of potential to be tapped, but it didn't quite materialize here. Fans of avant-garde black metal might be better advised to check out the other bands that these guys participated in, particularly Arcturus and .

The core pair of Vicotnik and Czral got back together in 2006 with the intent of starting afresh, but as of April 2007 they decided they couldn't agree on a musical direction and thus the band is now done for good. Vicotnik is continuing with , while Czral is concentrating on one of his other bands, Virus.

Current Members

Vicotnik (Yusaf Parvez)

guitars/vocals (ex-Code, )

Czral (Carl-Michael Eide)

guitars/vocals (Aura Noir, ex-Cadaver, ex-, Fleurety, Virus)

Einar Sjursų

drums (Beyond Dawn, Virus)

Former Members/Guests

Skoll (Hugh Steven James Mingay)

bass (ex-Arcturus, ex-Ulver)


Written In Waters 
1995 Misanthropy
  1. I sang for the swans
  2. You, that may wither
  3. It's magic
  4. Den saakaldte
  5. Carrier of wounds
  6. Called in wings
  7. Autumn leaves
  8. Remembrance of things past
  9. To swarn deserted away
  • Vicotnik
  • Skoll
  • Czral

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Those Who Caress The Pale 
1997 Misanthropy
  1. A Mask In The Mirror
  2. The Carrier Of Wounds
  3. You That May Wither
  4. The Plunderer
  5. Those Who Caress The Pale
  6. Insects (part I)

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