Origin: Norway
Genres: Black Metal
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The black metal world was dealt a tragic blow with the death of Windir mainman Valfar in January of 2004. The rest of the band decided they could not continue as Windir and so that band was laid to rest, but three members decided to move forward, and thus Vreid was formed. While black metal is the basis for both Vreid and Windir, the bands do not resemble each other much, as on their sophomore effort Pitch Black Brigade Vreid leave behind the Viking/folk elements of their old band, instead alternating a colder, simpler, mid-paced black metal style (at times resembling recent Satyricon) with some more epic, old-school moments (notably on “Hengebjørki”, for example). While Vreid itself is still a relatively young band, it’s clear that their prior experience has served them well, as they now are an accomplished band forging their own path.

Current Members

Sture Dingsøyr

vocals/guitars (ex-Windir)

Strom (Stian Bakketeig)

guitars (ex-Windir)

Hvall (Jarle Kvåle)

bass (ex-Windir)

Steingrim (Jørn Holen)

drums (ex-Windir)

Former Members/Guests


guitars (ex-Void Of Silence)


2004 Tabu
  1. Wrath Of Mine
  2. Raped By Light
  3. Helvete
  4. Unholy Water
  5. Eldast, Utan Å Gro
  6. Evig Pine
  7. Empty
  8. Songen Åt Fangen
  • Sture Dingsøyr
  • Ese
  • Hvall
  • Steingrim

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Pitch Black Brigade 
2006 Tabu
  1. Då Draumen Rakna
  2. Left To Hate
  3. Pitch Black
  4. The Red Smell
  5. Hengebjørki
  6. Our Battle
  7. Hang 'Em All
  8. Eit Kapittel For Seg Sjølv
  • Sture Dingsøyr
  • Ese
  • Hvall
  • Steingrim

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I Krig 
2007 Indie
  1. Jarnbyrd
  2. Under Isen
  3. I Krig
  4. Væpna Lengsel
  5. Svart
  6. Folkefiendar
  7. Dei Daude Steig Av Grav
  8. Fangegard
  9. Millom Hav Og Fjell
  • Sture Dingsøyr
  • Ese
  • Hvall
  • Steingrim

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2009 Indie
  1. Alarm
  2. Disciplined
  3. Speak Goddamnit
  4. Blucher
  5. Blucher Pt. ll
  6. Heroes&Villains
  7. Argumentum Ex Silentio
  8. Milorg
  • Sture Dingsøyr
  • Ese
  • Hvall
  • Steingrim

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Vreid Goddamnit 
2010 Indie

2011 Indie
  1. Arche
  2. The Blood Eagle
  3. Wolverine Bastards
  4. The Sound Of The River
  5. Fire On The Mountain
  6. The Others & The Look
  7. Slave
  8. Welcome To The Asylum
  9. Then We Die
  • Sture Dingsøyr
  • Strom
  • Hvall
  • Steingrim

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Welcome Farewell 
2013 Indie
  1. The Ramble
  2. Way of the Serpent
  3. The Devil's Hand
  4. Welcome Farewell
  5. The Reap
  6. Sights of Old
  7. Black Waves
  8. At the Brook


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