Origin: New York, NY, USA
Genres: Hard Rock
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Warrior Soul  

Formed in 1988, Warrior Soul debuted strong with 1990's Last Decade Dead Century. Combining well-thought political rants with a strong, distinctive hard rock swagger, the album received critical acclaim and fan approval as well. But though the band would survive for several years afterward, they would never quite match that first effort, as the succeeding albums seemed to lack in the songwriting department, the political messages were even stronger but less well received, and their record label appeared to not support the band well (a bone of contention with singer Kory Clarke, who at one point actually claimed that their Chill Pill album was deliberately subpar so as to get out of their contract (which, in due time, they did)). By 1995 the band was on edge, eventually to split into two camps, and following a disappointing Space Age Playboys they were officially done. Another modified lineup continued in a new band named after that last album, but that version didn't catch on either.

As of 2008, Clarke has put together a new lineup and is working on a new album to be released by the end of the year. He is also the current frontman for Trouble, having taken over that role some time ago.

Current Members

Kory Clarke

vocals (ex-Trouble)

Johnny H.


Rille Lundell


Janne Jarvis


Billy Williams


Former Members/Guests

John Ricco


Chris Moffett


Alexander Arundel


Pete McClanahan


Paul Ferguson


Mark Evans

drums RIP: 2005, murdered

Scott Dubois


Rob Stephenson

drums (ex-Em Sinfonia)


Last Decade Dead Century 
1990 Geffen
  1. I See The Ruins
  2. We Cry Out
  3. Losers
  4. Down Town
  5. Trippin' On Ecstasy
  6. One Minute Years
  7. Super Power Dreamland
  8. Charlie's Out Of Prison
  9. Blown Away
  10. Lullaby
  11. In Conclusion
  12. Four More Years
  • Kory Clarke
  • John Ricco
  • Pete McClanahan
  • Paul Ferguson

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Drugs, God & The New Republic 
1991 Geffen
  1. Interzone
  2. Drugs, God And The New Republic
  3. The Answer
  4. Rocket 88
  5. Jump For Joy
  6. My Time
  7. Real Thing
  8. Man Must Live As One
  9. Hero
  10. The Wasteland
  11. Children Of The Winter
  • Kory Clarke
  • John Ricco
  • Pete McClanahan
  • Mark Evans

Salutations From The Ghetto Nation 
1992 Geffen
  1. Love Destruction
  2. Blown
  3. Shine Like It
  4. Dimension
  5. Punk And Beligerant
  6. Ass Kickin.
  7. Party
  8. Golden Shore
  9. Trip Rider
  10. I Love You
  11. Ghetto Nation
  • Kory Clarke
  • John Ricco
  • Pete McClanahan
  • Mark Evans

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Chil Pill 
1993 Geffen
  1. Mars
  2. Cargos Of Doom
  3. Song In Your Mind
  4. Shuck Um Down
  5. Let Me Go
  6. Ha Ha Ha
  7. Concrete Frontier
  8. I Want Some
  9. Soft
  10. High Road
  • Kory Clarke
  • John Ricco
  • Pete McClanahan
  • Mark Evans

Space Age Playboys 
1995 Music For Nations
  1. Rocket Engines
  2. The Drug
  3. Let.s Get Wasted
  4. No No No
  5. Television
  6. The Pretty Faces
  7. The Image
  8. Rotten Soul
  9. I Wanna Get Some
  10. Look At You
  11. Star Ride
  12. Generation Graveyard
  • Kory Clarke
  • Chris Moffett
  • Alexander Arundel
  • Pete McClanahan
  • Scott Dubois

  1. N.Y.C. Girl
  2. Gimme Some Of This
  3. Punk Rock n' Roll
  4. Turn On
  5. 5 Ways To The Gutter
  6. Stun Fun
  7. ?
  8. My Sky
  9. Makin' It Holy
  10. Raised On Riots
  11. American
  12. Kiss Me
  13. This Is Joy
  14. Can't Fix Your Broken Heart
  15. Come To Me
  16. Last Decade Dead Century
  17. If You Think You're Bad

2001 Spitfire
  1. Love Destruction
  2. Downtown
  3. Punk And Belligerent
  4. Song In Your Mind
  5. Super Power Dreamland
  6. The Losers
  7. We Are The Government
  8. Cargoes Of Doom
  9. Blown Away
  10. Trippin' On Ecstacy
  11. The Wasteland
  12. The Drug
  13. Let's Get Wasted
  14. Rotten Soul
  15. I Wanna Get Some

Live In England 
2008 Livewire
  • Kory Clarke
  • Johnny H.
  • Rille Lundell
  • Janne Jarvis
  • Rob Stephenson

Destroy The War Machine 
2009 Acetate
  1. Fuck The Pigs
  2. The Fourth Reich
  3. Motor City
  4. Don't Believe
  5. Burning Bridges
  6. Bad News (Rock 'n' Roll Boyfriend)
  7. She's Glaswegian
  8. Knocking 'Em Down (In The City)
  • Kory Clarke
  • Johnny H.
  • Rille Lundell
  • Janne Jarvis
  • Billy Williams

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