Origin: Tamworth, England
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Wolfsbane was one of those bands that seemed destined for greatness, with superstardom predicted by all who heard them, but it was not meant to be. Formed in 1987, the band quickly gained a reputation for outstanding energetic live shows with their infectious brand of NWOBHM-flavored rock/metal, eventually securing a recording contract from Def American Records, by which time the band was already hyped beyond belief. But the debut, Live Fast, Die Fast, suffered from a flat production; by many accounts, the album simply failed to match their live sound, and thus was a commercial disappointment. The band soldiered on, releasing a few more albums, but the failure of Live Fast was never really overcome. By 1993, vocalist Blaze Bayley was auditioning for Iron Maiden, a position he would secure at the end of that year, and the band split shortly thereafter. Unfortunately Bayley's tenure with Maiden wasn't beneficial for either the band or the man, but he has prospered since leaving, now fronting his own band, Blaze. Finally, the original foursome is back together as of this writing, with plans to tour and record in 2011.

Current Members

Blaze Bayley (Bayley Alexander Cooke)

vocals (Blaze, ex-Iron Maiden)

Jase Edwards


Jeff Hately


Steve Elliott



Live Fast, Die Fast 
1989 Def American
  1. Man Hunt
  2. Shakin'
  3. Killing Machine
  4. Money To Burn
  5. Greasy
  6. Fall Out Of Heaven
  7. I Like It Hot
  8. All Or Nothing
  9. Tears From A Fool
  10. Pretty Baby
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Jase Edwards
  • Jeff Hately
  • Steve Elliott

Down Fall The Good Guys 
1991 Def American
  1. Smashed And Blind
  2. You Load Me Down
  3. Ezy
  4. Black Lagoon
  5. Broken Doll
  6. Twice As Mean
  7. Cathode Ray Clinic
  8. The Loveless
  9. After Midnight
  10. Temple of rock
  11. Moonlight
  12. Dead At Last
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Jase Edwards
  • Jeff Hately
  • Steve Elliott

Massive Noise Injection  LIVE
1993 Bronze
  1. Protect And Survive
  2. You Load Me Down
  3. Black Lagoon
  4. Rope And Ride
  5. Kathy Wilson
  6. Loco
  7. End Of The Century
  8. Steel
  9. Temple Of Rock
  10. Manhunt
  11. Money To Burn
  12. Paint The Town Red
  13. Wild Thing
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Jase Edwards
  • Jeff Hately
  • Steve Elliott

1994 Bronze
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Jase Edwards
  • Jeff Hately
  • Steve Elliott

(EP) Did It For The Money 
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Jase Edwards
  • Jeff Hately
  • Steve Elliott

Wolfsbane Saves The World 
2012 self-released
  1. Blue Sky
  2. Teacher
  3. Buy My Pain
  4. Starlight
  5. Smoke And Red Light
  6. Illusion Of Love
  7. Live Before I Die
  8. Who Are You Now
  9. Everybody's Looking For Something Baby
  10. Child Of The Sun
  11. Did It For The Money
  • Blaze Bayley
  • Jase Edwards
  • Jeff Hately
  • Steve Elliott


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