Origin: MD, USA

Wrathchild America  

First known as simply Wrathchild (finally adding "America" to avoid legal issues with the British glam band of the same name), Wrathchild America played a brand of accessible thrash that, although released on a major label, never really got a lot of attention. Though quite competent, the band didn't really stand out in the sea of late-80's thrash acts that were flooding the scene. After two albums, the band changed name to Souls At Zero, and continued for a time in that incarnation before disbanding. Guitarist Jay Abbene was later seen in Crowbar for awhile (but never recorded, and didn't stay long), and drummer Shannon Larkin joined Ugly Kid Joe (who apparently are no more), before joining Amen.

Current Members

Brad Divens

bass/vocals (ex-Souls At Zero)

Jay Abbene

guitars (ex-Souls At Zero)

Terry Carter

guitars/backing vocals (ex-Souls At Zero)

Shannon Larkin

drums/backing vocals (Godsmack, ex-Souls At Zero)


Climbin' The Walls 
1989 Atlantic
  1. Climbin' the walls
  2. Hell's gates
  3. No deposit, no return
  4. Hernia
  5. London after midnight
  6. Candy from a madman
  7. Silent darkness (Smothered life)
  8. Time
  9. Day of the thunder

1991 Atlantic
  1. 3-D man
  2. Spy
  3. Gentleman death
  4. Forever alone
  5. Draintime
  6. Surrounded by idiots
  7. Desert grins
  8. What's your pleasure?
  9. Prego
  10. Another nameless face
  11. I ain't drunk, I'm just drinkin'


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