Origin: Newbury Park, CA, USA
Genres: Thrash Metal


More retro thrash from southern California, which seems to have an excess of such bands (Merciless Death, Fueled By Fire, and Bonded By Blood, to name three). Warbringer put out a self-financed EP in 2006 and were promptly snapped up by Century Media for their 2008 full-length debut, War Without End, where they've prospered since, with four albums to their name. Plenty of energy and enthusiasm here, these guys are clearly on par with their aforementioned neighbors, and while this trend may not last forever, it's an enjoyable ride for the time being.

Current Members

John Kevill


Adam Carroll


Chase Becker


Jessie Sanchez

bass (Bonded By Blood)

Carlos Cruz

drums (Hexen)

Former Members/Guests

John Laux


Jeff Potts

guitars (Gygax, Mantic Ritual)

Andy Laux


Ben Bennett


Ben Mottsman

bass (Mantic Ritual)

Ryan Bates


Nic Ritter

drums RIP: June 3, 2017, age 36


(EP) One By One, The Wicked Fall 
2006 self-released
  1. Total War
  2. Shoot To Kill
  3. Hell On Earth
  4. Road Warrior
  5. Beneath The Waves
  • John Kevill
  • John Laux
  • Adam Carroll
  • Andy Laux
  • Ryan Bates

War Without End 
2008 Century Media
  1. Total War
  2. Systematic Genocide
  3. Dread Command
  4. Hell On Earth
  5. At The Crack Of Doom
  6. Beneath The Waves
  7. Instruments Of Torture
  8. Shoot To Kill
  9. Born Of The Ruins
  10. Combat Shock
  11. A Dead Current
  • John Kevill
  • John Laux
  • Adam Carroll
  • Andy Laux
  • Ryan Bates

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Waking Into Nightmares 
2009 Century Media
  • John Kevill
  • John Laux
  • Adam Carroll
  • Ben Bennett
  • Nic Ritter

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Worlds Torn Asunder 
2011 Century Media
  1. Living Weapon
  2. Shattered Like Glass
  3. Wake Up... Destroy
  4. Future Ages Gone
  5. Savagery
  6. Treacherous Tongue
  7. Echoes From The Void
  8. Enemies Of The State
  9. Behind The Veils Of Night
  10. Demonic Ecstasy
  • John Kevill
  • John Laux
  • Adam Carroll
  • Andy Laux
  • Carlos Cruz

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IV: Empires Collapse 
2013 Century Media
  1. Horizon
  2. The Turning of the Gears
  3. One Dimension
  4. Hunter-Seeker
  5. Black Sun, Black Moon
  6. Scars Remain
  7. Dying Light
  8. Iron City
  9. Leviathan
  10. Off with Their Heads!
  11. Towers of the Serpent
  • John Kevill
  • John Laux
  • Jeff Potts
  • Ben Mottsman
  • Carlos Cruz

Reviews:   Metal Storm 

Woe To The Vanquished 
2017 Century Media
  1. Silhouettes
  2. Woe to the Vanquished
  3. Remain Violent
  4. Shellfire
  5. Descending Blade
  6. Spectral Asylum
  7. Divinity of Flesh
  8. When the Guns Fell Silent
  • John Kevill
  • Adam Carroll
  • Chase Becker
  • Jessie Sanchez
  • Carlos Cruz


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